Pick a Side
Dave Pell

I find the comments linking Obama to identity politics to epitomize the ignorance of those uttering them. Identity politics have existed in this country from the beginning-the Revolution could be called a form of identity politics.

The more recent version didn’t start with Obama. They started in the 1960s, at the height of the Civil Rights movement. I live in a part of the country originally colonized by Latinos. Their descendants have demanded the return of that region to Mexico since 1968. That demand also marked the birth of the Chicano movement. Clearly identity politics long before Obama.

What’s different is that the violence of the 1960s has been triggered 50 years later. People of color have decided the system is corrupt and has to be destroyed. Some believe that people who support that system should be destroyed also.

I recall something Charlie Manson said. He urged the young to kill their parents. It looks like Charlie may get his wish.

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