An excellent example of a clinically run, souless operation that look after their employees really well so they can work the colleagues fingers to the bone and break their backs rendering the workers body damaged for life. Then when 1 colleagues production potential is exhausted they simply bring in the next in line of poor, bright eyed and eager proletariat to shift units for the man.

A totally unnatural occupation that shouldn’t exist but has been given life as a bastard child of an occupation. Born of the parents of capitalism and greed who thereafter abandoned their new born and move on to populate whatsoever other parts of the globe they can. There is no 1 person or individual who is responsible for such attempts at monopolisation. The people who work here are good people and are unaware of what part they play in the corporate, capitalist theatre that is performed on the stage on freedom but it is staged freedom. Portraying the illusion of choice and liberty which results only in pre-deployed and packaged freedom of choice.

If Samuel Walton was alive this day he most probably would be dissappointed as to what has become of his business. As I’ve said previously, the colleagues who work here are a great bunch of friendly, tolerant, hard working people (especially the Polish and other Eastern Europeans) and I’ve honestly not yet met 1 colleague who I’m not fond of. My issue is with the target based, profit driven corporate machine that has no face and pushes on destroying local, family run businesses attempting to eliminate all competition with the ultimate goal of monopolisation. Just as a bacteria or virus does in the natural environment.

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