Your Feelings Are Very Important To Us

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Feelings Forecast — More Than A Mood Ring (TM) v. 3.4

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Average rating: 4.1 stars


Update 3.4 locked and loaded! Give it a whirl, my friends!!


Bought this on a whim. Glitchy as hell, but was shocked to find it actually works! Don’t love the layout (same as the old one)


Definitely not worth the money. Creates more jealousy & FOMO, esp now that you can share with friends/frenemies alike on the app. Thumbs down. It was a much better app before it became a social media site.


I like to get baked and watch the colors whirl around while my mind takes me to new highs and LOLS. hehe. Not as fun as getting baked and playing StarHunt, but I’ll take it.




keeps crashing


Keeps fckin crashing every 6 fckin seconds. Can’t see anything.


New update sucks.


Don’t know how there could be this many negative reviews on something so simple to use. It’s never crashed for me and I used it last year during Hurricane Edward when the s*** really hit the proverbial fan and everyone’s forecast was blowing up. Wish there was a better layout. They haven’t updated how it looks since it started. Boring colors, no graphics. Not even an emoji? Come on, get with the times, bruh!

Claire1989- Mixed Feelings :-):

Honestly, I hadn’t used the app in quite some time, then I overheard a barista at my coffee shop one Sunday tell her friend that she had finally “drunk the Kool-Aid” and found that it helped her understand what she was really feeling when she met a new guy. I’d stopped using it out of boredom. What’s the point when it’s mostly all the same stuff, you know? But I’ve been single awhile now, and it had never occurred to me to use the app as an emotional safety net. Makes sense: you first meet someone, you want to know if you’re feeling that good kind of nervous that makes falling in love so fun (right?), or if the feeling is more of the RED FLAG variety nervousness and you’re right to follow your instincts and not go on a second date. LOL. Hah. The app should make a little red flag pop up when that’s the case!


dumb, gay-ass app


I worked on the coding and interface for the recent update, and I can’t believe what they’re doing. I know this isn’t the best forum for this information but I’m posting everywhere to make sure people see it: Ever since the Kansas City bombing, and the subsequent UNCONSTITUTIONAL passing of the Foley Bill, the government has demanded to see how the CU algorithm works in FF. Much to my disappointment, the CEO caved and gave the FBI access through a backdoor in the app. Any feeling you have can be seen by anyone even if your settings are on “private.” Believe the Times report: THEY ARE SHARING YOUR DATA!!!


Sup, dudes? Jimmy here from FFHQ. We hope you’re as excited about this update for the app as we are. Maybe I’m biased but I think it’s the best one yet! Intuitive, accurate, beautiful. Feelings Forecast lets you see what feelings are on the horizon so you know what’s coming, and now with the Sharing is Caring add-on, you can see how your friends are at any moment. Using our patented Collective Unconscious computing technology, we can now predict what you’ll feel on any given week with 99.9% efficiency. This is a boon for mental health professionals who can now efficiently diagnose and treat people with mood disorders. Studies have shown time and again how useful the app is for reducing anxiety and stopping aggressive behavior before it occurs. The collected data we store is used solely to make the app better! The more people who use it, the more accurate we get! You’re part of something meaningful just by downloading the app! Whatever you’re feeling, you’ll feel more secure with us.

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