What to do when the motivation fades

When the excitement wears off and the novelty is over, how do we push through? There are a couple “hacks” and a core truth.

First the hacks. If you are trying to start something new and you’re filled with motivation and excitement, you have to address the fact that those feelings are short lived. And if you want to carry through those tough times punishment and reward are both very effective. Design a system that will either reward or punish you. Decide to treat yourself to something if you are successful or publicly commit to doing something you hate if you quit.

The core truth is that discipline is the answer. If you can develop the discipline to do something even when you don’t want to then you can get by without motivation.

I am feeling very weary of my 100 day blogging challenge here at day 10. I’ve gotten busy and have been regulated to typing out low quality posts on my phone. I hate putting out low quality work, but I have to publish, I have to keep the habit of writing. I want to see where this goes.

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