Heya, readers !

A few weeks ago, while coding a small framework for building lean microservices — I’ve tried to solve its authentication & authorization layer needs by utilizing Azure AD with OAuth 2.

An appropriate service to service auth flow, I’ve imagined, should look something like the following:

Service to Service OAuth flow
Service to Service OAuth flow
Potential Auth flow between two services

At its core, I’d wanted to fulfill the following requirements from the auth layer — given two communicating services, A and B:

  • Service A should be able to expose some specific ‘roles’ / ‘scopes’ (I’ll be using roles throughout this article), for instance, ‘Service A Reader’ and ‘Service A Writer’
  • An authorized Azure user, should be able to grant Service B access to some, or all roles of Service A — without tenant wide admin…

Hey folks !

A couple of weeks ago, I’ve stumbled upon Brendan Gregg’s BPF tracing tools diagram (shown below) in the context of a small read-up I’ve done on performance engineering.

Image for post
Image for post
BPF tracing tools taken from the iovisor/bcc repository

Looking at the diagram above, and shamefully realizing I’m not familiar with the vast majority of the tools within, I’ve decided to explore the available utilities alongside the infrastructure that enabled their creation.

And so, today I’m going to talk a bit about eBPF (extended-berkeley-packet-filter), bcc (BPF-compiler-collection) and how both of those could be used with Python more easily.

A quick intro to eBPF

You might be familiar with BPF filters as a tool of filtering packets, a common example would be using a BPF filter in tcpdump in order to filter incoming or outgoing network traffic. …

Heya !

Last week our team at Microsoft had switched our intra-organization communication app — we moved from Slack to Teams, Microsoft’s own built service.

Both services offer similar capabilities, each with its own strengths and weaknesses; But one thing they both lack is RTL (Right-To-Left) support.

Our group chats often mix both English and Hebrew, and having your sentences mis-aligned proves to be quite a pain, ‘coercing’ us to use too many line breaks and leading to unnecessary confusion.

Image for post
Image for post

Creating an RTL solution for Microsoft Teams

I wanted to scratch my own itch, and this had led me to search for an easy way to add RTL support for the app, at least a temporary one, before it is supported natively. …


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