Goodbye Tetrik, hello Heed!

We started less than 2 years ago, under the name Tetrik. It was just a blank page back then…

It’s been an exciting adventure: our team grew with key people, we got dozens of clients, we received some awards and industry attention, and we met amazing partners. But something happened as we evolved…

As a digital agency, each project was potentially different. Through that long journey of experiences, we actually began to reveal ourselves:

  • What we had a knack for
  • What had the biggest meanings in our career
  • Where we think we provided the best value for our clients.

Slowly but surely, a new vision started to appear. It was the perfect timing to question everything, starting with our own branding and vision! We cried a little when throwing away Tetrik, but it was time to welcome our new brand: Heed

Our sweet logo animation

Our Motto:

Raising your user experiences to a delightful level

What excites us:

Digital projects that surpass your users’ expectations by becoming pleasurable, surprising and unique.

How we make it happen?

Our user-centered approach « Take Heed ® » turns your brand into a compelling story worth telling and a delightful digital experience worth living.

Our approach encompasses 5 points centered on your users. We believe they are key for ambition success!

Why Heed?

Heed is a promise to our clients, but also to ourselves. Reaching delight for your users is a really ambitious task and it’s what excites us! If you wonder why we picked this name, Heed means literally “careful attention”. It is a word that is a little uncommon.

For us, Heed has a few different meanings:

  • Our purpose is to pay careful attention to your users
  • It’s a warning. The world gets quickly disrupted with digital, so you need to take heed.
  • Finally we called ourselves Heed as we aim to gain tremendous attention in the digital/ux industry

A big journey is waiting for us

We are currently working on the most exciting projects of our careers, but this is probably just the start. This time, we are not alone on our journey. The industry veteran Paul Boag has joined us as a precious advisor. If you don’t know Paul, here’s a short introduction:

Paul Boag is a leader in digital strategy and user experience with over 20 years experience. His clients include the BBC, Adobe, Shopify, Nestle and many more. He‘s also a speaker and author.

We strongly believe that being a great agency means having a real vision and direction. It allows us to get on board the right people and to pick clients that fit us. We like to think about our new brand and methodology as a compass that will keep us in the right direction.

If you are looking for an engaged digital agency and aim at raising your user experiences to a delightful level, well maybe we should have a chat:

If you want to see more, you can check out our website

Finally, if you want to follow our journey, you can join us on facebook, dribbble or even sign up for our quarterly newsletter :)

Thanks for reading!