Social Media And I

Social media is just another way to access gossip faster so we can share it with our family, friends and followers. Out of all the social media Facebook is the one I’m most active on. Social media was not in any interest to me when the first website came out. I was more of an outdoor type of person, meaning I liked to play basketball and other games that didn’t involve your smart phone. I actually enjoyed sitting and talking with my friends face to face, being able to have a conversation and not get distracted by our smart phones. Although we gossiped about the same things that we do on social media, what was said stayed between us and we didn’t have an unnecessary audience. On social media when you converse with a friend a follower can just comment and add your opinion that you didn’t necessarily ask for. Although I must admit on Facebook you have a lot more topics to talk about because everyone puts their business or someone else business for everyone to see. Somehow I feel my brain is wired to the excitement of watching the drama. The gossip on Facebook is what keeps me checking my page.

The first social media website I joined was MySpace. I joined because everyone around me at the time was talking about it. MySpace was the gossip and the new cool thing. I wanted to join because my friends was talking about it and having competitions. Competitions like who could get the most friends, who has the best background. So my friends eventually convinced me to join and I definitely wanted to see what the hype was about. MySpace was more of a school friends and community friends type of connection. I remember when my relationship ended I put a break up song as my profile song. I guess it reflected my mood. Then like the article said Facebook came and took right over. Nobody knew what MySpace was anymore.

Facebook became the new gossip of the town. Everybody was talking about it. When it first was introduced in 2007 it was pretty known, but I didn’t hear of it until around 2008–2009. Everybody had a Facebook by this time. I didn’t care much about it because like I said I was to invest in social media to jump to another (not that I still used MySpace) I just choose not to join. Facebook became what everybody was talking about. It got to a point where I got tired of people asking me for my Facebook and me telling them I don’t have one. I always got a weird look after saying that and then it was all starting to become clear. What really got me was my father had one and he was telling me the latest gossip. Between him and my friends I was beginning to get curious. I couldn’t keep up with the latest gossip and was lost in the conversation because they were having it on Facebook. When my grandma joined I threw my hat in and said to myself its time to make my move.

I have a lot of family that lived out of state and my father told me he has them on Facebook and he talks with them almost every day. I also had long lost friends I was able to find on Facebook. When I was six years old my best friend that I wouldn’t spend a day without just up and moved the day I went to visit my grandmother. Didn’t know she was leaving and didn’t get to say goodbye. It broke my heart and always wondered if I was going to reunite with her one day. When I got used to navigating Facebook I eventually went on a hunt to find her. I was not successful for a while but I did eventually find her family members and was able to find her through mutual friends. It was one of my best moments on Facebook and that’s when I realized how much power Facebook had. It’s been like 13 years since we last spoken and I was able to find her.

Standage argues that “the young tend to use social media sites mostly to communicate with friends; the old stays in touch with their families.” I couldn’t agree more because this was one of the big reasons I was motivated to join Facebook. I am sorry if I seem old for wanting to find my family. Another main reason is because I wanted to get the latest gossip just as fast as everybody else. Standage also states “Human brains are social brains, tuned to analyze the shifting intentions and allegiances of friends and rivals within a group. Our brains were literally made for social networking.” When he puts it like that it make sense to me why we love social media so much. It’s a way to access gossip faster to share it with a large group that share the same interest that is usually your family, friends, and followers. When I post on Facebook I usually post how I feel about the latest gossip or what happen to me that day. I also post to keep my family and far friends updated on what I been up to.

Now when I write my page is public. My audience use to be just my friends and family but gossip travels along way anyway so I figured I start letting new followers and non-followers see what I post. It doesn’t really make since to hide it from a certain audience when I have nothing to hide and don’t mind other people opinions. I do expect the people who read what I post to react and feel a certain way whether it’s a good reaction or a negative one. Its either they going to disagree, agree, or agree to disagree and comment how they feel or just keep their comment to themselves to gossip with someone else about it. I choose this medium because it’s where most of the gossip happens (before twitter) and it’s the only one I am hip to because like I said I am not invested in social media websites like that. I apologize for sounding old but it’s the truth. I do use Instagram but not as much as Facebook because I’m not really a picture person and I use that to look at the gossip behind the photos. I don’t post often on Facebook, but when I do post on Facebook it’s my thoughts on how I feel or a situation that I feel needs my opinion. I enjoy Facebook for the entertainment, The drama and the way people utilize they Facebook. I also use it to see what’s trending.

When you see something trending on Facebook you gossip with the people who shares same interest and debate with the ones that don’t, or you just share amongst family and friends. Now in return they share with their friend and the gossip and trending continues. Often you find things out on social media websites faster than any other way. When someone passes away the first thing people do is send they condolences or grieve on your post. You find out on social media before you find out on the news. If something big happens on social media overnight while you was asleep, you could find out in your bed by just going on a social media website. Rather than going outside and hearing it from friends or waiting for the 10 o clock news the gossip is right there waiting for you to read and comment on the moment you sign in. I think gossip is what makes social media websites fun and what keeps everyone’s interest. I think how fast we can get the latest gossip and use it to make that social connection is what social media is mainly about, High-speed gossip.