Does that matter?
Jason Fried

OK I had posted a one-word affirmation comment of the value here, immediately, but that was before I ended up using this article 4 times on one call with a client today. I had shared it with the client, who also referenced (and benefited) from it probably 2–3 times. So that’s 7. Then I found out just now that a leader on our team for a different major project benefited tremendously today (after I’d referred him to this article) by doing a U-turn on something he was entrenched on, after reading. I don’t even know the particulars of that one, don’t really need to. I just felt it was incumbent on me to come back and say, um, this article has produced 1000x its weight in gold in the *first 5 hours* already, just over here. Just…wow. Thanks much.

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