Tang Yau Hoong

You and I

Because you said forever.

There you are, right in the middle of everything, right where you have been since day one, right where I want you to be until the day I die. There you are, to lighten up my nights and guide me through this senseless life, that cares not for where I lie.

Light my way until I get to you, let me follow you until I can walk no more. Let me tell you my prayers and poems and songs, let me know if they’re too loud or just loud enough to silence every other storm.

Let me show you how I can jump so high to reach for your silver kiss at night.

There you are, as bright and beautiful and lonely and perfect. Just one beam to share with them, just one song before I sleep, just one word before I leave. But there, where you are, where I can see you shining so bright; right there where your skin looks as clear as night.

Let me follow you until darkness rises and the day seizes, and kids dream of sunshine. Where elders stare at the rain and the young dance away; there where I can feel like flying, where I’m free to scream and play this music inside me…

Let me breathe your fearlessness in; let me be as brave as thee.

The day is coming (one year ago) I’m ready to forgive, I’m ready to let go. The day is coming and when I think of you, I dream of standing right next to the moon: watch stars be born and die with thousands of wishes upon their lifespans.

And there you are, where you’ll always be: waiting for love, waiting for me. I’ll give you my words and my thoughts until I can share with you more of this universe and its spins; its relentless twirls and twists. Until then, there you are, where I can kiss you goodnight, where you can watch me dream…

…where I’ll meet you in my sleep.

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