Words Of Wisdom From A Leaving Colleague 

It was good. It is good. It will be good. Take care.

Written by Anonymous. Gently edited by me.

Today is my last day, so this is my parting exhortation.

I’ll try to be constructive and brief (fair warning: brevity and positivity are not my specialty, so apologies in advance for that).

Things About Work:

  • Be reasonable in your expectations for a single day, focus on it so that you do it well, and for goodness sake, enjoy what you devote 80,000(ish) waking hours of your life to.
  • I understand that business owners and executives decide what is an acceptable delivery date. But in a mature and enduring product, when forced to choose between quality and anything else, be that time or money or whatever else—it is obvious to me that it’s best to choose quality. (Specifically when considering time, well—I doubt the Google search algorithm or the ceiling of that 16th chapel thing in Paris^ were rushed.)
  • People wear a lot of hats at companies. We would all do well to gain a bit of focus. Unless there’s some kind of award for being busy that I’m not aware of, I’d say it’s better to do one thing well than to do five things maybe medium(ish) good(ish). (A nice side-effect of good focus happens to be good quality, by the way.)

Two work-related books (both about companies in California) without good or great in the title, which are good and great and I recommend:

Let My People Go Surfing — by Patagonia founder, Yvon Chouinard
Raising the Bar — Integrity and Passion in Life and Business: The Story of Clif Bar Inc.

Things Not About Work:

  • Be wise with the money you keep, but give away more money than you think you can. Giving away money for a greater cause feels great! You and I are the global 1%. If you are reading this, I can almost guarantee that you have more financial wealth than at least 6 billion of the other living/breathing people on the planet today. Seriously, consider what is “enough” and take steps away from excess, to ‘enough’ in your life. We have lost sight of the concept of ‘enough’ in the developed world.
  • Fight lethargy and complacency like hell every day.
  • Go outside. Turn your TV off. Nurture an appreciation, or at the very least, a general understanding of the natural world around you—and pass it on. Do you know the smell of an aspen grove? Can you spot Orion in the sky at night? Did you notice when the spring birds came back this year, or that the cottonwoods are already starting to drop yellow leaves?
I believe we’re in serious trouble if we don’t pay more attention to and care for the sandbox we’re playing in.
  • Be the hands and feet of positive and constructive things.
  • Lastly, sunscreen. I honestly don’t wear sunscreen nearly as much as I probably should. The one caveat there is when above treeline or within about 15 degrees of the equator. Vitamin D is good, but watch out for those Central American sunburns—I don’t recommend them.
It was good. It is good. It will be good. Take care.


^ Yep, Paris. Definitely Paris.

^^ There are no more footnotes. This is the end.