DAO.Casino took part at CryptoFinancing 2017

DAO.Casino brings to your attention a blog post by our business developement specialist Ksenya Bellman about participating in the CryptoFinancing conference on July 7 in London.

We would like to thank the orga team of Cryptofinancing event that took place in London. There are many blockchain related events that took place this year, but this one was really a highlight for us. For a few reasons.

Atmosphere, content, audience and organisation was top. Plus we met a lot of our token holders in person and that was amazing.

Somehow orga team — Richard Kastelein from Cryptoassets Group together with the guys from Beacon (Alex, Roelof and others) managed to get the right balance between veterans of decentralised tech and curious newcomers, techies, investors, execs and media. I have no idea how they did it, crypto-land is a complete chaos.

Ksenya Bellman, DAO.Casino business development (to the left) and Kelley Weaver, CEO of Melrose PR

Amongst our highlights were: Jane Hong Zhang from Skycoin, who spoke not so much about her project but shared insights about China. Which was useful and she also made it plain hilarious.

Rob Knight and Vinay Gupta brought their new project out of stealth — Mattereum. Most of old school decentralised tech enthusiasts understand why Internet of Agreements is a thing (not a blockchain herself) and that’s what Rob’s and Vinay’s work is about. Ryan Zurrer gave a crystal clear and content rich talk on token design, and his talk felt more like a workshop. We met Ryan back in February and he then asked us hard and useful questions on token design back then.

Only a very observant person could spot a true star of crypto — Ian Grigg, a financial cryptographer since the 90s, who came up with Ricardian contracts in the early 2000nds, researcher, thinker, and despite of insane admiration from crypto crowd, a very discreet and and humble person. Ian is currently working on EOS, and even though our team are pretty much Ethereum purists, we’re closely following the project.

Ian Grigg (to the left) and Ksenya Bellman, DAO.Casino business development

For us this conference was quite different from the previous ones we visited this year also because most of the people who came to our stand were our token holders.

And not just any token holders, but people who followed our project since the beginning of the year, when we came out of stealth, and backed it now when we launched a token sale.

Usually, when you come to an exhibition, you are ready to repeat what your project is about over and over again. Here people just came over to meet the team. Even folk from conference orga team hold our project’s tokens. Wow.

Ksenya Bellman, DAO.Casino business development (to the left) and Boaz (reInventinggames)

Apart from meeting a surprising amount of project backers. We always say, okay, our work is about new generation internet, but if you want to build long term partnerships and start truly deep conversations, connect future and existing project backers, you gotta hang out with people in “meatspace”.

It was an usual and great feeling to experience this new category of project supporters — they can’t even be called “users”. It feels more like you have a ton of co-founders.

That’s why token sale model is powerful, not just because it helps projects to raise funds. Because this model creates a whole new category of community around your project. Ok, we have over a 6000 backers, and we didn’t meet each and every of them one on one. Perhaps some of them hold tokens in all the decentralised tech projects. But those you meet in person are special.

Ksenya Bellman, DAO.Casino business development (to the left) and Malcolm Palle, Non-Executive Director Coinsilium

Check out other events that both Richard from Cryptoassets.io and editor at Blockchain News and Beacon folk are is organising. You likely to meet us at Blockchain Solutions Forum on the 3–5th of October in Barcelona this year.

What the orga of this event also certainly succeeded at is launching a pre-party. I have to say it was a bit too loud inside, but a skybar they’ve picked had a balcony with an awesome view.

It was a pleasure to deal with the orga team. The event ran out of space in the exhibition area shortly after it been announced, and Roelof just gave DAO.Casino a spot at the exhibition that the event orga themselves wanted to use for promoting their next event in October. Separate special thanks and a shout out to Roelof for that.

On the same evening we went to another party — a launch of the ICO Crowd magazine to pick up a printed edition, where our teammate published Sergey article about cryptoeconomic design and his autonomous robotics project. Okay, we’re biased, but as far as we’re concerned it’s the most futuristic project covered by ICO Crowd magazine.

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