DAO.Casino Travel Guide to Ethereum: Berlin

From left to right: Ksenya Bellman, DAO.Casino business developer, Aleksandra Fetisova DAO.Casino project manager, Ilya Tarutov DAO.Casino CEO

A month later a team we did another team week on the road through Berlin, Zug and Munich. So we piled up in a bus with some Cyber.Fund folk and a big box of cookies. First stop Berlin where we picked up our bizdev and organised our first meetup.

The goal of Berlin meetup was not to talk about our project so much, but to have discussions and presentations on cryptoeconomics at large and get feedback on DAO.Casino current iteration of PRNG solution (as a result of the conversations we had it was modified).

Great thing about Berlin is that people living and working there have a good capacity to self organise and make things happen. Agora Collective, once we announced our meetup, provided us with a free venue. Video streaming was sorted by AdjyLeak (check out his youtube channel, he streams great decentralised tech talks, latest one was from Battlemesh), Aeternity team joined a meetup too.

Ksenya Bellman, DAO.Casino business developer

Berlin is where a lot of protocol level stuff is being built. Both Solidity team and Ethcore work from there. And decentralised tech projects other than Ethereum — such as Bigchain DB, IOTA, and Aeternity also happened to be based in Berlin. If you have a decentralised tech project, just move there or nearby.

One bad thing about Berlin is that decentralised tech meetups happen pretty much every day. Some of them are great, but some of them are average or organised by large corporates who just think blockchains are cool and fashionable. Berlin Blockchain Meetup is usually nice. If you are planning to visit Ethereum Meetup at EthDev (really awesome protocol level and dapp presentations every month) please make sure you sign up — so that organisers know what to expect, and turn up early, so you can find a place to sit, because this meetup is usually very busy.

The oldest meetup in town is Bitcoin Stammtisch, it happens every first Thursday of the month, and it’s no longer just about bitcoin. It happens at Room77 first brick and mortar establishment to accept bitcoin. Vitalik Buterin wrote a post about “The Room” in Bitcoin Magazine back in 2013. Order Rollberg beer which is brewed about 15min walk from the bar itself. If you pay for it with bitcoin, have no regrets when it goes to the moon again, and it will become the most expensive beer you have purchased in your life.

DAO.Casino Travel Guide to Ethereum

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