DAO.Casino Travel Guide to Ethereum: Introduction

People frequently ask DAO.Casino team, why are we so obsessed with Ethereum. One reason is that in the old days when the only known blockchain was Bitcoin (and it’s forks) many of us have been waiting for something like Ethereum to come about, so we can go nuts.

Another big reason is that Ethereum attracts the brightest mad scientist of the planet that can give you feedback on architecture of your project, share best practices and protocol level news.

This post is about decentralised tech communities and crypto-nomadic life, not so much about our project. Here we collected some links to active and fun gatherings in the cities we have been for the past few months: Paris, Berlin, Munich, Zug, Prague and Vienna.

Best times for crypto-travelling is when some kind of conference is taking place. You can meet local community and those who came to the conference from far away at the same time. But if a conference turns out to be boring or too mainstream for you, you just keep hanging out with the locals. Picking a good meetup would also work.

IT industry stereotypes about being unsociable definitely don’t apply the world of decentralised tech, in particular crypto and Ethereum. Pretty much every city in Europe has an Ethereum meetup with the demographic completely this technology and new paradigms that it triggers: devs, cryptoeconomists, cypherpunks — all sorts of mad scientists. There are, of course, people who just want to trade ether, but most of the time they are friendly too.

Some say that crypto-universe at the moment has more capital than skill. This might be true, but a good part is that people who do have skills and knowledge are opensource-minded and are eager to share what they learn.

That’s why we established a style of work when every month or so we go on a nomadic team week. Which means a sprint by day and meeting with mad scientists of decentralised tech universe by night. And to share our experience, we prepared a several articles about crypto-travelling across different cons and meet-ups. Stay tuned for updates!

DAO.Casino Travel Guide to Ethereum

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