DAO.Casino Travel Guide to Ethereum: Paris and EDCON

Playing “Hack the DAO” at the EDCON

Our first nomadic team week was to EDCON in Paris in February. EDCON was a European edition of Devcon, and most of the Ethereum protocol level folk were present. Paris also have a very active Ethereum meetup, so one would enjoy hanging out there even without any big conferences. That was our first coming out of stealth moment.

Apart from working on their own projects Ethereum communities produce a lot of absurd folklore, which makes the whole space extra fun. Take for example Intheoreum based on Bobchain, and Unicorn Meat Grinder — meta-dank Ethereum weirdo thing (you need to know what Unicorn token is about)

To contribute to this tradition we’ve developed a contract based game called HackDAO, which tells a story of Slockit’s project The DAO in an indie game, specially for EDCON in Paris. We’ve presented at a subconference lead by grand poobah of cryptos William Mougayar.

Back then we had a few options for the protocol architecture. By the time we got back we were sure about what we want to develop. Apart from the fleshing out the architecture, hard questions help you to formulate your project better.

If you’re in love with your project and get stuck in your own bubble, solving one particular issue, you might miss something in your design. Tricky questions from your peers is a good way to avoid that.

EDCON was hectic and great. And hanging out with the best minds in cryptoeconomics and decentralised tech on weekend after the conference was even better. Despite the fact that Ethereum is becoming insanely popular, it’s core devs stay open and community oriented. Specially if they see, that you’re interested in systems and protocols without centralised ownership, and not just came there to brag about your personal baby project.

DAO.Casino Travel Guide to Ethereum

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