DAO.Casino Travel Guide to Ethereum: Zug and Munich

Switzerland and Zug in particular is also a good place to visit. It was baptised as Crypto-Valley. We joined Melonport meetup this time, but apart from Melonport, some very hot projects are based here — for example DFINITY.

If you’re lucky you can run into DFINITY chief mad scientist Dominic, and if you do, don’t miss an opportunity to chat with this guy. Blockchain related meetups in Zug are frequent, for starters you can check out Crypto Valley Forum.

In Munich we co-organised a pre-party for CoinTelegraph’s Blockshow, did a few presentations in a local bar. Blockshow, contrary to EDCON, was more of a beginners level, less technical conference. Local blockchain tech meetup is not very active — people probably just go to Berlin, yet it is worth checking out a new Aeternity Munich chapter. Since Aeternity project is very good at community engagement, this meetup is likely to be active.

Bitcoin Munich is a truly ancient meetup, that was organised through BTCtalk before meetup platform even existed. These two you could have spotted by googling, but there is another noteworthy meetup that attracts futurists and mad scientists, also interested in decentralised tech — this is TUM Meetup by people from Munich Technical University. If you happened to visit that one, try to find a person who can give you a tour of TUM’s makerspace. So if you’re on a crypto-trip to Munich you won’t get bored.

DAO.Casino Travel Guide to Ethereum

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