DAO.Casino will provide protocol for True Flip Lottery

DAO.Casino’s list of partners growing fast. We have already announced partnerships with exchange services CryptoPay, Changelly and startup accelerator Starbase. Now we have a newcomer — crypto-lottery True Flip.

It should be pointed out, that DAO.Casino protocol was created to help such projects to evolve via decentralization and blockchain business model allows such kind of cooperation with different benefits for both sides.

From left to right: Konstantin Lomashuk, DAO.Casino protocol architect, Ilya Tarutov, DAO.Casino CEO, Alexandra Fetisova, DAO.Casino project manager, Konstantin Katsev, True Flip Marketing director, Vasili Polynov, True Flip PR director
“As TrueFlip is rather centralized yet, we are considering an integration with an innovative platform for gambling projects called DAO.Casino. This brand new platform can give to TrueFlip total decentralization through use of smart contracts”
True Flip White Paper

As for DAO.Casino, this partnership once again demonstrates to the entire gambling community all the advantages of using our protocol. This is a substantive confirmation of how easy it is to implement the DAO.Casino back-end and another argument in favor of the bright future ahead of our technology.

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