Fast and chargeless: DAO.Casino accelerate prototype and remove fees

DAO.Casino team integrated a technical solution named payment channels to increase speed of its prototype and remove transaction fees.

Our development crew have already cracked some difficult tasks, such as implementing logics of several games to EVM (ethereum virtual machine), creating referral system contract and reward distribution contract, implementing random generator in EVM and many other things.

Now we are standing towards the challenge of transaction speed and costs in Ethereum blockchain. We have already solved an issue of speed in random generation by integration our algorithm called Signidice. But we still had a problem of ~5$ fee for all in-game transactions.

One of the alternatives was to wait for Ethereum ecosystem solutions: Raiden and Whisper technologies. Raiden is realisation of channel idea, that allows any side to close it at any moment. And Whisper is a messaging protocol that allows two Ethereum addresses to cooperate.

Instead of this, we integrated payment channels to provide our community with higher quality service right now. It works quite simply:

  1. A straight channel is been created between player and a bankroll;
  2. Player chooses amount of BET, that he wants to play during one session, freezing it on a bankroll smart contract;
  3. After the game ends player sends a request to bankroll to close the game session;
  4. Concurrently smart contract automatically distribute game rewards depending on results.

In this way, game itself flows above the blockchain, but all primary transactions between parties stays in Ethereum. Thus, within one session, the player does not need to constantly refer to the blockchain and the game speed rises to the maximum available. Also, if earlier commissions were charged for each transaction, now they are charged only at the start and exit of the session.

To prevent cheating on the part of bankroll, we again using our know-how algorithm Signidice. Long story short, player gives a seed to bankroll backer, which signs it by his private key, and after that get a truly random number. If the bankroll will cheat, player will detect it with the help of public key, which used to check the fairness of private number. Needless to say, caught cheating bankroll backer goes to blacklist.

The technology mentioned above has already been implemented for alpha version of our BlackJack game and one another (watch for updates). Of course, we do not abandon communication with the Ethereum community and as soon as Raiden or Whisper will be ready, they would be also integrated in our protocol.

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