How to participate in DAO.Casino Token Sale (Tutorial)

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Jun 28, 2017 · 5 min read

Short Answer

DAO.Casino Token Sale starts on 29 of June, 2017 at 6.00 AM PDT / 1.00 PM GMT. Copy contract address from official DAO.Casino website with https.

Use Mist/My Ether Wallet/Parity/Metamask to send your ETH. After the Token Sale ends you will get your tokens to the Ethereum address from which the transaction to the contract was made.

Long Answer

Token Distribution Campaign of DAO.Casino protocol starts on 29 of June, 2017 at 6.00 AM PDT / 1.00 PM GMT. It will end in 28 days or when the maximum cap is reached. During that period, you should visit our official website, and follow these steps:

Step 1. Click on the button “Get contract address”

Step 2. Read and accept all the agreements and click “Continue”

Step 3. Copy address manually or press “Copy contract address” button

Step 4. Use this address to send ETH

We have prepared tutorials and videos for all recommended wallets, so that participation would me much easier for you.

Mist Tutorial

In order to help you with contribution via Mist Wallet, we posted this tutorial. If you don’t have Mist, but you would like to use it, follow this steps to install Mist.

+ Solid and trustworthy wallet

- Not easy to install

Step 1. Open your Mist application. Click the “Send” tab on top panel

Step 2. Enter the address, that you took from DAO.Casino official website in field “TO”

Step 3. Choose the wallet, from which you would like to send funds

Step 4. Choose the amount of Ether you want to send

Step 5. Set up the Fee on the Fee bar. Try to avoid the “cheaper” end of the bar, because it might slow down the transaction

Step 6. Click “Send”. After that you will see the details of your transaction. Make sure everything is OK, enter transaction and click “Send” once again.


Popular and trustworthy wallet. Very good for beginners. Use this tutorial to contribute with it. If you don’t have MyEtherWallet, use this step-by-step instruction, to get it.

+ Good balance of simplicity and security

- Limited Functionality

Step 1. Go to the official website. Click “Send Ether & Tokens”

Step 2. In the field “How would you like to access your wallet?” choose “Keystore File (UTC / JSON)”

Step 3. Select your wallet file, press “unlock” and login to your account

Step 4. Now enter the address you took from DAO.Casino official website

Step 5. Choose the amount of Ether you’d want to send, “gas limit” would be set automatically

Step 6. Click “Generate transaction” to complete the task.


Simple to use wallet, that acts like Google Chrome Extension. We prepared a guide to contribute with it, but if you need an instruction of how to install it, follow the simple steps from this link.

+ Easy to install

- Very poor functionality

Step 1. Click an icon of Metamask in your Google Chrome Browser

Step 2. Click “Send”

Step 3. In the “Recipient Address” field enter address you took from official DAO.Casino website

Step 4. Choose the amount of Ether you’d want to send and click “Send”


Parity is a very handy and comfortable Ethereum browser with lot of functionalities, including a wallet. We added this simple tutorial, in case you’ve already using it. If not — follow the official website and download one.

+ Lot of functions, solid security

- Has problems on Microsoft OS

Step 1. Open Parity. Go to “Accounts” and select the one, from which you want to transfer your Ether

Step 2. Click “Transfer”

Step 3. Make sure you use the address from official DAO.Casino website, enter it in “recipient address” field. “Type of token transfer” should be “Ethereum”

Step 4. Choose the amount of Ether you’d want to send, enable advanced sending options, click “Next”

Step 5. Enter 200000 in “Gas” field, click “Send”

Step 6. Now all you have to do, is confirm the transaction by entering your password

Prohibited actions

  1. DO NOT TRUST to any resources and websites, except official website of DAO.Casino —
  2. DO NOT SEND ETH from exchanges like Coinbase, Poloniex, Kraken, etc
  3. DO NOT USE Jaxx
  4. DO NOT USE Multi-Signature wallets


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