Why You Need To Be Gaming On Blockchain

You may know that blockchain is a buzzword, with many experts recommending this technology for a variety of industries. The gaming industry is one of the most recent to be innovated by this modern technology… startup DAO.Casino is showing online gamers and gamblers a better way to game.

First, what is blockchain?

In short, blockchain is a digital ledger in which transactions are recorded chronologically and publicly. It is constantly growing as ‘finished’ blocks are added to it with a new set of recordings. Blockchain brings security and fairness to many industries, online gaming included.

How is DAO.Casino using blockchain?

DAO.Casino uses smart contracts, which are self-verifying rules that verify and enforce contracts. Additionally, DAO.Casino has developed a randomizer tool that ensures the game outcomes are equally unpredictable for all parties. There have been issues in the past with fraud and casinos rigging numbers, but these tools ensure none of the sort is happening.

Why Use DAO.Casino Over Other Gaming/Gambling Platforms?

Have you ever wondered if gambling sites are actually being honest? If you’re playing games developed on the blockchain, you can rest assured there’s nothing shady going on behind the scenes. Fairness is built into Dao.Casino’s protocol with their use of smart contracts.

What Applications & Games Can I Build Using the Protocol?

Whatever you want! HERE is an example of DICE, a fun game built by DAO.Casino.

Not a Gambler?

No problem! If you’re not a gambler, but like developing new games, there’s opportunities for you too. DAO.Casino’s platform is open-sourced, so anyone can get involved and gain rewards in the form of BET tokens — DAO.Casino’s in-game currency akin to bitcoin. Indie game developers can create new games and get rewarded every time they are played.