Chip Coffee street vendors in Vietnam

Although coffee was first brought to Vietnam is quite late in 19th century by the French, Vietnam soon has become one of the world’s top coffee exporters. Coffee street vendors normally look very simple with no decorations. The owners only put some plastic chairs in order on the pavement, some coffee cups on the shelf and that is enough to create a place for people to come and enjoy coffee. The price is very cheap but incredible coffee.

Many Vietnamese people like to drink coffee in the morning time. In fact, sitting together on small chairs in pavement with a glass of coffee become the popular image of Hanoians. Whoever you are (youth or the elder, male or female, single or married), you can be potential customers or frequent customers of the coffee street vendors.

Although you are foreigners, before or after any Vietnam Motorbike Tour, please spend a little time to sip coffee at a street vendor. Don’t be surprised if you ever happen to find the best coffee of your life in a random small street vendor, not in big and luxurious cafes or restaurants. Coffee street vendor brings a comfortable feeling for everyone.