DAO Invest is building the future of crypto portfolio management by utilizing collective wisdom. An essential element of that future is having a liquid marketplace where the VEST token can trade. Users of the DAO Invest Ecosystem need to be able to seamlessly transition between VEST and other digital assets…

DAO Invest is pleased to announce that we will integrate Chainlink Keepers on Ethereum to Automate Passive Income Payouts for all the DAO Invest community members. Chainlink Keepers use decentralized and provably reliable off-chain computation to monitor user-defined conditions and then call on-chain functions once conditions are satisfied. DAO Invest…

We’re thrilled to announce that from today, you can freely move VEST Tokens between Ethereum and BSC (Binance Smart Chain). VEST is now multi-chain!

How does it work? When using the bridge, no inflation will be created. Transferred VEST Tokens will be frozen on the Ethereum network and an equivalent…

Swap on Uniswap

DAO Invest community has created a Liquidity pool on Uniswap DEX.

It is really easy to become a member of DAO Invest community, swap your token to Uniswap and participate in crypto portfolio management voting now!

For your convenince you can use Uniswap directly from our website:

DAO Invest link to the embedded Uniswap


Uniswap direct trading link.

DAO Invest

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