What are the Best Collagen Supplements for Sagging Skin in Pakistan?

We already understand that Collagen is an essential part of the human body — it consists of various amino acids, in a certain ratio, which is considered essential.

The 3 main areas that collagen helps us in, according to various reviews, includes aging skin (sagging skin), hair thinning as well as bone and joint issues.

Not only that, another benefit is actually helping the digestive system in various ways — especially if you have acid reflux.

There are many types of collagen supplements that are available to buy in Pakistan. The list of these are as following below (i am not affiliated with these brands):

  1. Vitality Collagen by Immortal’s Path: This is a hydrolyzed collagen that is a grade A collagen, it contains the essential ratio needed for supporting skin and anti-aging benefits. Suitable for men and women. Available to buy online directly at their website, just google the term “vitality by immortals path”.
  2. Neocell Collagen: This is another collagen supplement which is another well known collagen type that helps and also suitable for men and women. Available to buy online.
  3. Youtheory: This is another collagen but doesn’t have enough reviews for us to be able to see the quality of it; however from the ingredients it does seem like a decent enough company to be on the list. Available to buy online.

When it comes to pricing of collagen, you can find cheap collagen, and you can find expensive collagen. The difference is, one works better, than the other. This is because they need to make the collagen in the right ratio, as well as a small enough particle, so that even people with digestive or absorption problems, can absorb the collagen when consumed, to create the desired results.

There are many ways to categorize types of collagen, but most of those are not helpful when trying to figure out what is best for your skin — as they seem to create types like, type I, type II and even type III.

This in itself is not going to tell you what will help reduce sagging skin in men or women — what will help, however, is knowing the molecular weight of the collagen — at the moment, the Immortal’s Path collagen, called Vitality, has the smallest particle size, hence it is the top rated collagen of Pakistan.

Not all collagen is created equal — especially in Pakistan, where buying and packaging into another branded packaging is easy — meaning it is hard to find original products which are genuinely hygienic and actually work on what they are supposed to do.

The only way to be sure that you are buying the original product, is to buy directly from the brand’s original website — so for Immortal’s Path, you order it directly from ImmortalsPath.com.pk — they have other products too, such as oils for hair growth, and Mist for skin complexion and lightening which are both very good products.

Frequently Asked Questions about Collagen

  1. Can I apply collagen tablets or powder to the face directly to get the benefits faster?

Answer: No you cannot apply collagen topically and get any real results. Collagen goes and repairs your internal systems so well, it shows on your face and skin, and even eyes — that glow, cannot be done artificially by applying collagen masks on hair, or on the face — its also a waste of collagen if you do that.

2. How long does it take for Collagen to help sagging skin?

Answer: Sagging skin has various causes — the main 3 causes are are circulation issues, muscle tightness in the wrong place, and last but not least, collagen.

You can do regular face massages to fix the first 2 issues — search youtube for these, and try out face massages which will help support you.

Taking collagen supplements will show results in 2 weeks — this kind of face glow and skin care cannot be replaced by silly make-up or creams.

There is a big difference between using creams and lotions, even vitamin C serums for the face, compared to how much benefit collagen will cause in the whole body, especially that youthful glow and brightness in the eye as when we are young.


It is strange that in Pakistan, people still don’t have enough understanding of what skin care, and beauty regime are (for men and women). The idea of taking a supplement to support their hair growth, or skin regime, is almost unheard of — the maximum I have seen is people using various vitamin C serums, which really work temporary, and don’t create the same anti-aging effects like consuming a good collagen supplement regularly — after all, it only consists of essential amino acids, which are actually vitamins — so these are needed by the body — and we cannot get enough of it by food.

It’s sad but I hope this article helps people understand the importance of supplements, and the fact that there are good quality supplements like collagen, that one should generally take, even if it's not for beauty, but for health (collagen helps keep bones strong, even at an older age).

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