How to Participate in DAO SHO Testing!

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3 min readSep 2, 2022

This tutorial is how to test DAO SHO ahead of Fusion System upgrade. Any DAO Staker with more than 250 DAO staked can test the platform and participate in DAO SHO with Fusion Model ON! Even though this DAO SHO is testing one, you are contributing real BUSD and getting real DAO on a 15% discount from the market price!

We want to ensure everything is perfect and test as much as possible before the official platform launch later! In Case you find any bugs or problems, make sure to inform us about it either on our Telegram or Discord!

Fusion Model in Short:

Everybody gets allocations proportional to their dao power. If there are people contribute less than they would have gotten, their total missing allocation is distributed to other people again proportional to how much they overfunded.

Test SHO Parameters:

Raise: $100,000
Token: DAO

Price: DAO Price on 03/09 13:30 UTC with 15% discount

Duration: 24 Hours (Already Started)
End: 03/09/2022, 13:30 UTC

Distribution: 03/09/2022 Till 20:00 UTC

If you have questions join our discord and discuss it with the community!

How to join Fusion System DAO SHO Testing

  1. Head to this link: Please note that this is Test Platform!
  2. Press the Participate Button on the research page

3. Connect wallet where your DAO is staked

4. Click Deposit

On the right side, you will see the maximum allocation you can pre-deposit according to your DAO.

5. Choose the amount you want to deposit, approve BUSD and proceed with contributing.

You don't have to deposit the maximum allocation. You can choose how much you want to deposit.

6. You contributed!

Congratulation, you successfully contributed! If you did not contribute your maximum possible amount, you could always deposit more if the contribution is open. If you stake more DAO, your maximum contribution amount will rise!

Additional: Farm Testing

if you want also to test the farm system head to the farm and vesting tab, choose the DAO farm and stake your DAO to earn more DAO!

  1. Head to this link:
  2. Connect Your wallet
  3. Choose the amount of DAO You want to stake
  4. Approve and Confirm

Farm Info

- Reward Pool: 22,200 DAO
- Duration: 36 Days
- Wait Period: 10 Days
- Current APR 3,594% (Updated Every 5 min)

Note: Be Aware that its test farm, however you are staking real assets and receiving real DAO!

Happy Friday!