How To Back DAOrecords with Meta Yield Using $stNEAR

We have recently embarked on a crowd-funding experiment with Meta Yield that is specifically in support of our SoundSpash project and the associated $SPLASH token. It has been a rollercoaster ride to get to where we are now, launching an Alpha and battening down the hatches as we ride into the turbulent waters of Web3 & Crypto.

It has yet to become our intention to develop a token for the entire DAOrecords ecosystem, since we’re just starting to build it, so instead we decided to embark on the creation of a micro-economy for SoundSplash so that we could test the waters and really fine tune our offering.

After speaking with the team at Meta Pool way back in March we thought it would be a great idea to partner with them and use their new platform raise funds for the continued development of DAOrecords.

4 Questions to Ask Yourself before Backing DAOrecords & SoundSplash

Even though the Meta Pool team is curating as much as possible the projects launching a fundraising campaign on Meta Yield, nothing is guaranteed and there are always risks.

We took this quote from the Meta Pool Blog.

So before diving into financially supporting a project on Meta Yield, here is a first set of questions you have to ask yourself before backing a projects are:

  1. Do I understand the project’s offering?
    - Read more about SoundSplash
  2. Am I convinced by the Project (product, service, team, roadmap, etc) and its value proposition?
    - Have you seen our new website?
  3. Do I believe this project is going to increase in market share, TVL and token value over time?
    - See what $SPLASH is all about
  4. Do I consider that all the above and the reward ($SPLASH token) is good enough for me to back it?
    - Considering it’s a Win Win and you’ll be getting your stNEAR back we think it’s good enough for you to back!

Back SoundSplash now!

Learn more about Meta Yield here

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