What is DAOTaiFung (DTF)?

⚡️ Vision 2022: We’re the first Asian-American community-focused DAO.

DAOTaiFung is a DAO consisting of diverse talent (leading crypto startup founders & employees, developers, artists, whales/VC investors, lawyers, bankers) who share a common vision around growing the AAPI community in the web3 world.

As part of our initiative, we would like to offer a platform for NFT launches and be a VC incubator/studio for new NFT projects, offering unparalleled expertise through a wide network of engineering, design, art, legal, marketing, partnerships, and tokenomics talent.

🌃 Origins

A group of ~50 friends that wanted to buy a CryptoPunk, together.

In November 2021, we created DAOTaiFung (DTF).

We raised 160 ETH and became the 5th largest DAO on Juicebox at one point.

We made our first acquisition of many, CryptoPunk #5878.

Ain’t she a beaut 😊

🦍 Current DTF Community

An elite mix of startup founders, developers, and web2/web3 builders.

We are 50+ strong. The original DAOTaiFung community is full of software engineers, lawyers, and tech entrepreneurs. We’re spread across big tech, crypto, and founders of successful tech startup exits. We have members who have been in the blockchain space since 2011.

We are all unified in our love of decentralization and web3.

our DTF fam 😊

What we can offer

  • Access to legal/token legal advisors
  • Access to AAPI-minded art collectors and investors
  • Access to Web3 engineering and smart contract talent
  • Safety & security best practices
  • Partnerships
  • Content creation
  • Community growth
  • Marketing

What we currently do and plan to do

👀 We’re currently acquiring more NFTs for our Treasury

  • Buying/investing more in risky and Blue-Chip NFTs
  • Incubate NFT projects
  • Provide a community by hosting IRL crypto events
  • Partner with other NFTs/DAOs/Organizations
  • Literally anything we decide on as a community

As a part of our DAO roadmap, DAOTaiFung is starting a launchpad and incubator for NFT/web3 projects, with a focus on the Asian-American community. More details to come (very soon). If you are an AAPI creator with a project idea, DM us on Twitter, and let’s see if we can help you launch!

🚙 Next Steps

Follow our Twitter at @DAOtaifung.

We’ll continue to reveal sneak peeks, DTF partnerships, notable community members, roadmap updates, and much more.

Cover art by DTF’s @victorialimary




An Asian-American focused DAO https://twitter.com/DAOTaiFung

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Dao Tai Fung

Dao Tai Fung

An Asian-American focused DAO https://twitter.com/DAOTaiFung

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