How to use DAPBOX(DAPCAR BOX Tokens) in Game

If you are the owner of DAPBOX, this article is for you. How to purchase DAPBOX written in the previous Article.

What is the DAPBOX (DAPCAR BOX Token)?
DAPBOX is one of your future car in the game. The rate of 1 DAPBOX = $10 now. And an additional bonus for each DAPBOX (50 in-game DAPCAR Tokens for you). DAPCAR Token is required for car tuning. Read more about this in the Article.

You already have a DAPBOX, want a car, follow the instructions:

1)Enter the game DAPCAR using a cryptocurrency wallet MetaMask or Cipher Mobile Browser.
2) Go to [My profile] page inside the game.

3) On the Profile page, find the [buy car for DAPBOX], select the number of cars in the field next to the button and click on it.

4) In the opened MetaMask window, confirm the transaction.

5) With the right purchase, you will see the following on Etherscan.

6) Check the Garage page, your car’s already there.

P.S.: Studied the instruction — get easter eggs free DAPBOX (the quantity is limited).

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