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To the Girlfriend I Denied Having… —…

A Writer’s Hibernation

Photo by Robert Bye on Unsplash

Fits and starts.

Spring always comes about in fits and starts.

The weather around these parts is unpredictable unless you count such constant wildness as comfort.

On a day in mid-April we’ll have freezing ice thunderstorms opening for a blizzard and next it’ll be 80 degrees of the Fahrenheit sort and soggy from the recent arctic precipitation.

This is Missouri. They’ve made memes about us.

But when I talk about Winter in perpetuum, I am referring more to the annual and extended hibernation of mine own brain. A season which ends only once the sunshine has convinced…

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

Dear Readers and Writers,

It’s been a good while since I’ve done more on Medium than pop in for stolen moments to read encouraging articles and moving poems from the brave writers of inkMend and other such publications.

Through changes to algorithms, social media stressors, and the ups and downs of inspiration, I never cease to love this platform and, clearly, it is nothing without all of you. If I’m making a resolution this year, it is to spend more time being vocally grateful for opportunity, relationships, and precious-time. So, thank you. You, and you, and you. …

enter carefully and carry a sharp writing utensil…

Blackrabbitkdj on Pixabay

Dear Readers and Writers,

The final quarter of 2019 was a bit of a nightmare for me, and not the beautiful kind you’ll find in storied words at Midnight Mosaic Fiction. No, this realm of hell has been nothing worth writing about and its beasts have been put to bed now — we must not wake them.

Things are coming back around, as they usually do, and hopefully in the “fire is cleansing” sort of way. …

Photo by Preslie Hirsch on Unsplash

Mom became the family matriarch nearly a quarter of a century ago and since then you can count her driveway full of hungry visitors ready to gobble come Thanksgiving day.

Any holiday, really.

As her youngest child, I was appointed to help with deviled eggs some decades ago, and I maintain that as “still-the-youngest”, this should be my only job.

But Mom is having surgery this year.

Nothing too serious, but serious enough she gets to excuse herself from lifting a finger outside of those it takes to feed her own mouth. …

— and links to all our prompts


Dear Writers & Readers,

Midnight Mosaic Fiction and The Mad River are hosting our Annual Halloween challenge: 13 Days of Dark & Weird.

On October 19th, we’ll begin sharing freaktacular entries on both publications. But it’s not too late to send us yours!

Submissions are open until October 22nd, 2019 at 11:59pm IDLW — that’s the last time zone in the world, and your last opportunity to win one of many prizes.

Check out all the details HERE, and visit the 13 prompt links below for inspiration.

Be sure to follow Midnight Mosaic and The Mad River, to read dozens of new stories in the 13 Days leading up to Halloween.











a final prompt for 13 Days of Dark & Weird 2019

Photo by Alex on Unsplash

the end arrives in just 10 short days…well, the end of entries for 13 Days of Dark & Weird 2019, anyway.

in these final days, we encourage you to write about just that: The End.

> termination, destruction, apocalypse.
>> expiration, a closing, finales.
>>> conclusions, culminations, cease-fires.
>>>> end-game.

Write about the finality of relationships, belief-systems, honor, pride, lives, worlds. …

a prompt for 13 Days of Dark & Weird 2019

Photo by Gabriela Gomez on Unsplash

originally published in Midnight Mosaic Fiction October 2018:

We are all haunted.

The tortured. The superstitious or spiritual. Obsessive personalities. Anxiety-ridden. Empathic or hyper-compassionate. The hopeful; overworked; bored; mentally ill; substance-addicted. The staggeringly rich. The unbelievably lonely. Insignificant — and wanting so badly to matter.

This weekend we’re taking a look at legendary obsessions and lasting expressions:

Individuals who may have been trying to live according to special law or calling. Perhaps, attempting to fill a void in their lives. Or who were hoping to be remembered long after they…

Photo by Jared Sluyter on Unsplash

In July 2019, inkMend began sharing “Gentle Prompt”s in an effort to get us talking about human issues and the healing that comes during and after.

Our latest prompt, Connection, focuses on how important and influential relationships can be in both individual and conceptual ways — How lonely we are. Those times when all we want is to be heard, but can’t bring ourselves to reach out. How we fall in love with toxic people and cannot convince ourselves to let go of “potential”.

And, then the other side of the coin — how friendships uplift us and make us…

A Prompt for 13 Days of Dark & Weird 2019


originally printed in Midnight Mosaic Fiction 2018

A Cabinet of Curiosities usually refers to a room (rather than a cabinet) full of objects whose origins, purposes, or anatomy are not completely known, or are simply rare and decidedly strange: Preserved carcasses, skulls of varying size, strange dolls, carved wooden figures, and what were likely, truly unicorn horns (narwhals are a hoax, people!)

But curiosities are fleeting in the information age — for sooner than you can think of a question, the internet has found you an answer. …


…in search of dread secrets with which to weave tales. Dark & Strange Fiction Editor, Creative Collaborator, Advocate for survivors of abuse.

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