3 Reasons a Pro-Life, White Guy Joined the Women’s March
John Osburn

what a terrific piece! Thank you. I have been trying to figure out a way to bridge this divide. I think pro choice was a silver of the march. There are so many issues that people are concerned about. I think the one unifying one was that we do not feel Trump is a safe, sound leader. Too crass, too rude for the highest office. I see lots of bright GOPers who are not happy with him. He is not a real conservative. Trade barriers? Send in the feds? Not ideology beyond his ego. Had I seen a sign at the march that said, “anti trump, pro life” I would have hugged that person.

I also totally agree that we want less abortions. It’s not a walk in the park. Also, I’d like to get rid of the word. It’s not a real medical term. It’s a DnC same as when you have a miscarriage. When I had my miscarriage I lost a lot of blood, was rushed to ER and they gave me a Dnc… an abortion! That’s what it is. Same process. In both cases it’s emotional.

I am rabid anti circumcision advocate, an intactivist, but I don’t want to work on that through education, not laws. Plus, think it’s more effective.

I really hope people who value human rights, kindness, American values from all spectrums can unite to limit the damage of this crazy dude.

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