December 1st, 2017

1. One Hibiscus tea. One Cubano, lightly sweetened. And two eyes. The entire world in two eyes.

2. Thank you for driving him and picking her up and always being near.

3. The room was beautiful. Handmade goods made from wood and wool and love. Platters of cut meat, fine chocolate, white wine. The kind of room designed for people who made good choices, got lucky, and were born into easier decisions.

4. I scramble to keep up as every dip in the sidewalk shocks my lower back.

5. Two boxes arrived yesterday. Life gives so much but I keep ordering more.

6. My son, with his broken arm, leaves for an overnight and I am both relieved and uncertain. Go. Live your life. Be free. But come back. Stay.

7. It’s taken over an hour but something compels me to keep going. As if this is all that matters.

8. She came into the living room to scroll through her phone. In her own world but alongside mine. And I had the presence of mind to remember this is exactly why I’m here.

9. He’s back. Running water. A tea’s whistle. For now, safe.

10. It’s time to stretch. I both want to start my day and wish to sit here forever. A sneeze propels me forward.