don’t be in such a damn hurry

we all want to be experts. now.

but at what expense?

at the expense of ourselves and those we’re serving. because expertise takes time. even in a 24/7, everything-happened-yesterday culture, expertise still takes time.

skip the steps that get you there and everyone loses. you lose because you never really know what it’s like to be in the zone of mastery, to make connections one after another, have ideas come from everywhere, and serve from a place of deep knowing.

and your customer/audience/tribe loses because they only get the surface teaching and we don’t need any more surface crap. we’re drowning in surface.

we need folks willing to become experts. to take the time. to focus. to go deep.

so take your time. find your thing. stay with that. master it.

that’s true service.

and that will change the world.

or at least your part of it.

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