I’m a curator. I research and gather and share.

I curate because I value other’s expertise. I appreciate their experience and their wisdom and the way their experience and wisdom help me understand myself and the world. I take the best of what I find and share it here.

But I also curate because I doubt my experience. I feel like I need to know more, to have lived more, to be more. I don’t know what makes a person feel like they have enough experience in the world to be an expert. Some of it is wisdom I imagine. And some of it is ego. Some of it is pride and some of it is not giving a fuck.

We have a lot of experts today. Anyone can be an expert. Start a podcast. Publish a blog. Post a review. How many of these folks ask themselves if they know enough to be an expert? How many of these folks have done their research, studied what came before and questioned what they didn’t know? I don’t know.

I struggle with this. This question of what makes an expert. I struggle with how much of me to share. I struggle with small me and big me. Being small enough that I’m humble and always stay a student. Big enough that I’m unafraid to give you me.

I’m writing this because I want to figure it out and I don’t know how else to do it. And I believe that somehow the writing will show me.

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