Are you ready to kick literary ass?

The publishing business is in chaos. Book deals don’t come easy, and self publishing offers promises it can’t keep.

But don’t let the fragmentation of the publishing business discourage you from writing. Keep going! When you have a kickass manuscript in hand, there’s going to be a way to get it out there. If it’s good, people will pay to read it.

But first things first. Don’t worry about your marketing plan. First, focus on making a beautiful, authentic and finely crafted piece of art.

Whatever you do, don’t sell yourself for cheap by putting all of your energy into blogging and writing for publications that don’t pay.

Instead, spend 20 per cent of your time on writing free content — this is marketing work — and spend the rest of your time in your manuscript — this is art. It boils down to this: We must put most of our work hours into creating paid content.

If you don’t have paid content, you’re wasting your time blogging, tweeting and slogging for HuffPo. Free work serves only one purpose, and that is: to sell your paid work.

The Manifesto for Modern Literary Artists.

We are writers.

We make original works of art.

We see writing as a process of slow learning through practice.

We take craft seriously and push ourselves to learn ever more.

We commit fully to productivity and planning.

We invite magic.

Our books are not products! We aim to reclaim books as a means of self-expression.

We hope that people will want to read our writing. We seek feedback from those who do.

We collaborate with professionals to create high quality publications.

We embrace a hybrid model of self publishing and traditional publishing, whatever works.

We are in this game for the long haul. How better to spend our time?

We expect readers to pay for our creativity.

We aim to spend 80 percent of our work time in our manuscripts and 20 per cent of our time on marketing.

We write for humans, not algorithms!

Are you in?

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