She is a ten #monalisa

She is your friend

She is your lady

She is your sister

She is a woman

She is ten over ten

She too is monalisa

She is ten over ten

Many women tend to struggle with their identity vis-a-vis a male dominated world; whether it is at the work place, at home, at family activities, in sports. In many ways men have defined a woman’s role and gradually we have defined her look or the notion of what a good look for her should be. We are allowing them lose their individual essence with our pre-conceptions of womanhood, beauty, career, parenthood etc.

We decided to choose a day to celebrate the individuality of the woman, her perfection in her individuality and to let women know, we accept you as you are, just as you accept us .

It is a small step in changing the narrative, but we hope you and the women in your life can identify with our thoughts.

We chose the perfect date of 10/10 to celebrate every woman out there, while we dedicate the song MONALISA by the artist elDOTc to every woman out there.

Starting today and going into the future, let every woman in your life know they are not just okay. They are a 10/10.

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Dapo is the Founder of Green36concerts/Kohav Management. He was founding CEO for Loopy Music.