Ethereum API Bridge/Oracle live on the mainnet — dAppBridge

dAppBridge is now fully live on the Ethereum mainnet!

dAppBridge is a service to bridge the gap between smart contracts and the public Internet. With a simple call to dAppBridge you can can interface with any public API or URL — with secure proof that the data returned has not been tampered with.

dAppBridge also provided additional services such as Random Number generation and Cryptographic Random String generation — again with secure proof that the return values have not been tempered with and are as you requested.

After many weeks of development and testing we pushed the go button and launched the main contracts to mainnet…

This is just the beginning… this is v1… there will be lots more to come. Much more functionality planned and more bridges to build :)

Getting started

That’s the easy bit… Now we’re live all you need to do is import our client contract (Also available on Kovan for testing) and you instantly open up your smart contract to a whole new world of connectivity…


Automate your smart contact, have it run itself at set intervals:

setTimeout(string callback_method, uint32 timeout)


Request any public URL or API! Extract any individual JSON element and have it returned back to your smart contract

callURL(string callback_method, string external_url, string external_params, [string json_extract_elemen])


Same as callURL but allows you to make the request on a timer… and repeat it if required!

setURLTimeout(string callback_method, uint32 timeout, string external_url, string external_params, [string json_extract_elemen])


A simple request but not one that is easy in Solidity before now…

randomNumber(string callback_method, int32 min_val, int32 max_val, uint32 timeout)


Returns a cryptographically secure string!

randomString(string callback_method, uint8 number_of_bytes, uint32 timeout)

For full docs go to:


Get in touch

Let us know how your using dAppBridge, if you have any questions or need any help! or