We select these 3 tokens based on two analytics — project fundamental analytics and token technical analytics.


  • New holders coming in

90d token holders +93.77%, which means that a large number of new users have bought and hold FTT in the past 90 days.

If you are a DeFi token trader, these 3 DeFi tokens must be one of your crypto trading portfolios — $uni, $sushi, and $cake.

Carpe DAO — Hodl Your Tokens, Receive NFTs and Earn

Carpe DAO is a decentralized finance protocol where you can receive NFTs by still hodling your tokens.

Nonfungible tokens appear to boom again.

Among the top 10 NFT marketplaces, including 6 Ethereum ones and 4 Binance Smart Chain ones, 9 of them have more than 100% dramatic growth in 30d volume, and all of their 30d transactions have increased.

On 4th Aug, dYdX announced the launch of its governance token $DYDX. This token launch has already been predicted in our previous article: 3 Top-Performing DeFi Projects to Watch for Potential Token Launch and Airdrop.

OrderProtocol — Dex Order Manager on Polygon

Order Protocol is a decentralized order management system build on Polygon. Users are able to save orders with algorithmic conditions, and when those conditions are met orders will be sent to DEXs to be executed.

For example, you are saving an order: “If MATIC/USDT is less than $0.8, …

Last week, a 12-year-old England made over $160,000 in Ethereum on NFTs in just 1 day. There is obviously so much potential value in the NFT market for digital art collectors to dig. As a collector, you may want to devise a personal strategy for NFT investment.

So under a…

On 28th Jul, Coca-Cola announced its first-ever NFT collectibles would be auctioned on OpenSea to commemorate International Friendship Day on July 30.

Ola Finance — Lending Platform on Fuse

Ola Finance is a platform on Fuse Network that lets you create a Compound/Aave-like instance that includes whichever tokens you likes.

As a crypto investor, do monitor the product’s onchain data to alert yourself of potential risk. 2 DeFi products with sharp data drop you must be aware of.

Alpaca Finance, a leveraged yield farming protocol on Binance Smart Chain, has experienced a dramatic fluctuation in its on-chain performance since May.


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