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DAHS is a Solana based metaverse project focused on developing 3D video game characters created with metaverse compatible voxel technology — We are not selling JPEGs! After Mint 2 (March 19), DAHS will allow you to customize your future metaverse avatar to fit any style through our proprietary Build-An-Ape system.

The primary goal of DAHS is to solidify the role of NFTs in the quickly-expanding metaverse, while placing an emphasis on blockchain education through metaverse games. This article will cover the basics of DAHS, an education oriented and community focused project founded by a group of crypto trading friends. Topics include a brief-overview of the Build-An-Ape system, the unique benefits of DAHS, the variety, attributes, and allocation of the NFTs we offer, mint prices, a brief background of the DAHS Team, and the long-term goals that we have for DAHS as a metaverse brand.

In one display of our focus on transparency and dedication to education, DAHS worked with Case Western Reserve University on February 26 to host DAHS Hackathon — an astounding success and the first ever international blockchain-NFT hackathon for all ages! Furthermore, DAHS is the first NFT project to support students by offering both scholarships and a business incubator fund through our iconic DAHS Tank.

The Dapper Ape High Society was inspired by a team that grew frustrated with the growing trend of low effort, money grab NFT projects that provide no utility. These issues are amplified by frequent rug pulls from faceless founders that have caused distrust in NFTs as a whole. This is why, to prove our authenticity and to be as transparent as possible, everyone on our team is fully doxed on our website. Many of these projects sell simple JPEGs for outrageous prices, while only offering access to an “exclusive” community of people and making far-fetched promises that they never keep. While offering a close-knit community is a large part of the NFT space, the DAHS Team believes that NFTs are destined for more.

Design Your Own Avatar

For the first time in NFT history — DAHS is gamifying our ecosystem at Mint 2 to offer a one of a kind “Build-An-Ape” (BAA) system where holders can combine two or more NFTs to upgrade their apes to a higher tier (e.g. Common Ape + Gold-Teeth = OG Ape). All 5,000 Common Apes released on March 19 begin as a high-quality, 2D base apes that holders can customize to prepare their Dapper Ape for battle! Accessorizing and gaining EXP is important because it allows you to level up, increase the value of your ape, unlock full ecosystem benefits, and become an Alpha Ape! Holders can collect rare attribute NFTs such as the King’s Sword, Wizard’s Staff, or the Cyber-Punk Ape’s Plasma Rifle during our monthly drops and combine it with DAHS Ape NFTs they already possess.

The upcoming V3 of our website will allow users to merge their Ape and an attribute NFT into 1 NFT of higher value directly through the website. Because this process involves multiple transactions, DAHS chose to launch on the Solana blockchain so that our users can design their apes without breaking the bank. Each accessory is sold randomly — the more rare the accessory is, the more XP it gives. These accessories will be limited and sold separately as NFTs (0.3 SOL) after Mint 2.

Upon evolving to Alpha Ape Status, Dapper Apes transform into 3D metaverse video game avatars that can be easily integrated into a variety of games where you can show off your creation. Alpha Apes gain exclusive access to several downloadable 3D files of their NFT, including .vox, .obj, and .texture. Only Alpha Apes have access to their 3D files that even let you 3D-print your ape at home! These files can be accessed through our site at

Build-An-Ape System Conceptualization

DAHS offers 5,555 unique 3D NFT metaverse characters total, the first 555 of which were released at our Genesis Mint.

On top of the close-knit community on our Discord, we offer:

  • DAHS Scholarships — Starting on March 5, DAHS is opening applications for the DAHS Scholarships, where DAHS gives away laptops to the community to make technology more accessible. By simply holding a DAHS NFT, you get the chance to earn a brand new laptop every single month!
  • DAHS Incubator— A $25,000 incubator fund open to elite DAHS NFT Holders (OG Apes & Alpha Apes). Compete against winners of the DAHS Hackathon to put your business ideas to the test! Aspiring entrepreneurs in any field can compete in this online event that’s open internationally.
  • DAHS Radio — DAHS will be hosting a 24/7 Lo-Fi YouTube music Livestream that lets you win free NFT prizes, whitelist spots, and DAHS Merchandise simply for listening. Alpha apes also have the ability to play a 30-second advertisement per month or sell their advertisement slot. In addition, our team of Apes will launch the DAHS Rap/Hip-Hop Radio on March 12. You can read more about DAHS Radio by clicking here.

To keep this summary concise, detailed articles discussing the Build-An-Ape system and each of these benefits will be published.

Tiers, Attributes, & Allocation

The DAHS Genesis collection features over:

  • 24 Base Apes (16 male, 8 female)
  • 50+ Different Outfits
  • 5 Backgrounds (not including super rare)
  • Limited EXTRA RARE attributes allocated randomly

DAHS Apes are divided into 3 tiers. At Mint 2 (March 19), every ape released will be a Common Ape. With our EXP system, any DAHS Ape can be leveled up by equipping outfit, item, and accessory NFTs. The ecosystem benefits available per tier are shown below.

  • Alpha Apes — Alpha Apes are the cream of the crop. On top of all the benefits granted to Common and OG Apes, owning an Alpha Ape gives you the exclusive right to post one free, 30-second ad per month on DAHS Radio. This ad slot can also be sold. Alpha Apes are also given exclusive access to DAHS Merchandise and special giveaways, such as their NFT made into a 3D life-sized figurine!
  • OG Apes — On top of access to DAHS Scholarships and governance, OGs have the chance to apply for the DAHS Incubator Fund and come with 1 free shoutout on DAHS Radio. These free shout-outs are granted once per year to each NFT holder per OG-Tier DAHS NFT they hold.
  • Common Apes — The base tier, common apes come with the ability to apply for DAHS Scholarships, community governance, and access to all community organized events.

Build-An-Ape Mint (March 19): DAHS NFTs Will Be Sold For 1 SOL

Build-An-Ape accessories will come in varying rarities and will cost 0.3 SOL, with unique sets of accessories being dropped monthly to dissuade bag-holding (price manipulation tactics). MINT IS FOR WHITELIST ONLY. See the Discord server to learn how to become whitelisted.

Attributes Categories Include:

  • Right/Left Hand Items
  • Clothing
  • Head Items
  • Neck Items
  • Eye Items
  • Mouth Items

To ensure that our developers have time to create a foolproof Build-An-Ape System, accessories will not be sold until after the stage 2 mint.

All tiers of apes also have an equal chance of getting extra rare characteristics, which are different than attributes and cannot be separately purchased.

We’ve established DAHS NFT allocation in a way to best benefit the community. For this reason, only 10% of the total pool of 5,000 is used to both compensate the DAHS Team, and to fund all giveaways through our Radio, Twitter and future partnerships. The remaining 90% will be sold at mint (4,500 Apes).

The DAHS Team

Much of the DAHS Team is originally from a small trading group known as WallStreet Wealthy. This is a Telegram channel that was capped at 50 people to keep the community as tight-knit as possible. Many of these members banded together to form DAHS upon seeing the lackluster NFT projects and the negative perception they were creating. The Team has also sought help from friends, family, professionals, and other members within the NFT community to bring DAHS to life. This team consists of 16 fully doxed people, all of whom are listed on our website.

The 3 Founders of DAHS Are:

  • Soorya Parameswaran (CEO) — @WallStWealthy aka SooparApe, is the leader and driving force behind the DAHS team. His drive and determination have united the DAHS Team toward pursuing a common goal — to further cryptocurrency education and make the metaverse accessible to all.
  • Mark Eglseder (CFO) — Mark has a background in Accounting and has coding experience with solidity, rust, typescript, and java. He has also designed the back-end engines for several DeFi protocols. Mark is in charge of finances, accounting, and facilitating the day-to-day operations of the DAHS ecosystem.
  • Nathan Tannenbaum (Lead Artist) — @LayoverOnTheMoon is the mastermind and artist behind all DAHS NFT metaverse characters. Nathan is a web-designer by trade, and his talent and ingenuity bring NFTs into the metaverse like never seen before!

Long-Term Goals

Unlike most NFT projects, the DAHS team aspires to be far more than just an NFT company. Our primary long-term goal is to use DAHS NFTs as the first foot in the door to pivot into a fully-fledged metaverse brand. For all of us on the DAHS Team, it would be a dream come true to pioneer the development of the metaverse and make it accessible to younger generations.

The DAHS Team has made arrangements to have a VR world developed for our apes to interact with each other, with the NFTs functioning as in-game characters. This will occur after mint 2 and is our first big step toward merging our NFT meta-universe with the real world. Furthermore, we will use this drive to fund the development of a variety of metaverse video games to promote blockchain education in K-12 schools in the US. To facilitate an inclusive atmosphere, our game developers even hang out in the Discord while at work. Games we create are first available to our holders while in beta.


Our goal is to be the first community driven metaverse project to support blockchain education. Since the 16-person DAHS Team started from a strong online community, our Apes are always thinking of ways to further this mission —Vires in Numeris! — “Strength in Numbers!”.

Now that you’re well versed on the DAHS Mission, head over to our Discord to learn more and ask any questions, follow our Twitter for some monkey business, and check out our YouTube to tune in to DAHS Radio!

Articles on our Build-An-Ape Model, Scholarships, and Incubator Fund will be posted in the days to come.



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