The Dapper Ape High Society


Design Your Own Avatar

Build-An-Ape System Conceptualization
  • DAHS Scholarships — Starting on March 5, DAHS is opening applications for the DAHS Scholarships, where DAHS gives away laptops to the community to make technology more accessible. By simply holding a DAHS NFT, you get the chance to earn a brand new laptop every single month!
  • DAHS Incubator— A $25,000 incubator fund open to elite DAHS NFT Holders (OG Apes & Alpha Apes). Compete against winners of the DAHS Hackathon to put your business ideas to the test! Aspiring entrepreneurs in any field can compete in this online event that’s open internationally.
  • DAHS Radio — DAHS will be hosting a 24/7 Lo-Fi YouTube music Livestream that lets you win free NFT prizes, whitelist spots, and DAHS Merchandise simply for listening. Alpha apes also have the ability to play a 30-second advertisement per month or sell their advertisement slot. In addition, our team of Apes will launch the DAHS Rap/Hip-Hop Radio on March 12. You can read more about DAHS Radio by clicking here.

Tiers, Attributes, & Allocation

  • 24 Base Apes (16 male, 8 female)
  • 50+ Different Outfits
  • 5 Backgrounds (not including super rare)
  • Limited EXTRA RARE attributes allocated randomly
  • Alpha Apes — Alpha Apes are the cream of the crop. On top of all the benefits granted to Common and OG Apes, owning an Alpha Ape gives you the exclusive right to post one free, 30-second ad per month on DAHS Radio. This ad slot can also be sold. Alpha Apes are also given exclusive access to DAHS Merchandise and special giveaways, such as their NFT made into a 3D life-sized figurine!
  • OG Apes — On top of access to DAHS Scholarships and governance, OGs have the chance to apply for the DAHS Incubator Fund and come with 1 free shoutout on DAHS Radio. These free shout-outs are granted once per year to each NFT holder per OG-Tier DAHS NFT they hold.
  • Common Apes — The base tier, common apes come with the ability to apply for DAHS Scholarships, community governance, and access to all community organized events.

Build-An-Ape Mint (March 19): DAHS NFTs Will Be Sold For 1 SOL

  • Right/Left Hand Items
  • Clothing
  • Head Items
  • Neck Items
  • Eye Items
  • Mouth Items

The DAHS Team

  • Soorya Parameswaran (CEO) — @WallStWealthy aka SooparApe, is the leader and driving force behind the DAHS team. His drive and determination have united the DAHS Team toward pursuing a common goal — to further cryptocurrency education and make the metaverse accessible to all.
  • Mark Eglseder (CFO) — Mark has a background in Accounting and has coding experience with solidity, rust, typescript, and java. He has also designed the back-end engines for several DeFi protocols. Mark is in charge of finances, accounting, and facilitating the day-to-day operations of the DAHS ecosystem.
  • Nathan Tannenbaum (Lead Artist) — @LayoverOnTheMoon is the mastermind and artist behind all DAHS NFT metaverse characters. Nathan is a web-designer by trade, and his talent and ingenuity bring NFTs into the metaverse like never seen before!

Long-Term Goals




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