As a dApp developer, we are primarily interested in customer satisfaction. And as always, client needs a product of the highest quality, as fast as possible and preferably cheap. The balance in these 3 components is always difficult to find. Fortunately, part of the solution to such problems lies in the technology used to develop the product.

We made a research before we decided to start our path in dApp development. Dapplica team carefully examined all options and blockchain platforms on the basis of which will be possible to build full-fledged blockchain applications.

Our choice fell on the EOSIO platform…

EOS has great potential, we can even say that potentially EOS is a new Silicon Valley. But, like any other market, EOS has its life cycle with birth, development and sustainable maturity. At this moment we can say that EOS market just has born. As with many new markets there are plenty of people with ideas walking around. It’s great you say, yeah but not that much.

As a dApp development company Dapplica receiving a lot of requests. Guys with ideas normally knock into your door as service business and say: “I have an idea! What would be the cost?”

In the last article we were reasoning about dApps migration tendency on EOS blockchain. You can read more about it here.

To begin with let me ask you one question: What really makes the project important, relatable and well-known among others?

There are 2 things: unique value and users.

In case of value things are quite clear. At the initial time, in the time when the first ideas were raised, you already had this understanding of value you want to distribute to market. Cause no value — no product.

And the second thing is a little bit complicated — users

At the first stage, when the EOS whitepaper was published in 2017 with the open-source software release on June 1, 2018 and till the day of millions EOS circulation — we can say that months of the first EOS dApps establishment stage have passed away!

It is obvious that we can speak a lot about EOS by itself. But, what if we look at the another dApp adapted blockchains to compare and find out what changes happened in the all ecosystem?

ETH and NEO Dapp’s migrate to EOS blockchain

First, according to the latest blockchain market data we are facing the current dApp migration process. Many decentralized applications…

In a time of tumultuous tech development, rapid humanity progress and new order establishment, we meet more untypical and advanced thoughts.

Recently, Andrew Chen put an article and a podcast about Silicon Valley network effect. Who had no chance to read it, please check it by following link
Main point of the article I would like to stress is:

Either these network effects will continue to hold and the Bay Area will continue to be strong, or we make big structural shifts in how we organize teams and workforces and the network effects become less strong. …


DApplica is a blockchain development agency building projects in the blockchain and cryptocurrencies industry.😎

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