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Tronpixel: congrats on the successful game launching of tronfun.io

1- What is Tronfun and what separates it from the other Gaming Dapps on TRON?

Tronfun is a decentralized gaming platform that does not only provide gambling games but also other creative fun games.

Playing the main stream gambling games, players can mine FUN tokens, but also the side stream games will also inject its profits to FUN token dividends pool.

Whats special about Tronfun platform is, they allow third party devs to launch their game on tronfun.io, while tronfun will support them with bankroll, promotion ressources etc.

Tronfun has successfully raised 15 million TRX in the first phase and launched its first game TronPixel. There will be at least 3 games in December 2018 on tronfun gaming platform.

2- I understand that Tronpixel is the first game, why do you choose it as the first game to launch?

Tronfun has their dice game ready. This dice game is special as the result is based on the block ids, which is absolutely fair and has no risks of getting hack if hackers crash the random number generation.

But they choose to launch Tronpixel as it is pretty fun and will draw huge attention to tronfun, launched only 10 hrs, the game has exceeded 600k TRX volume. Lots of beautiful art work has been produced by players:

Another reason why did not launch dice is, they have many supporters and a huge community of players in east side, the dice will consume too much energy and tronfun wants to make sure the players do not pay energies while playing. And energy issue will be fixed after update of tron blockchain. By the time tronfun will launch its high frequency game.

3- What is the supply of FUN tokens?

Total supply is 30 billion. The team holds 5%, presale is 10%, another 20% is for marketing and operation, the rest 65% will be released from game play, usually known as mining.

4- How do dividends work and how are they paid out?

The tronfun wants to be a generous profit sharing gaming platform while they should remain sustainable and has enough promotion and marketing budgets. 30% of profits will be accumulated as platform operating cost and bankroll, 50% will allocate to the dividend pool, and 20% to the jackpot.

5- Are you running any special promotions?

Yes. Another great thing about TRON DApp ecosystem is, tron official is very supportive to dapps. Most likely the first tronpixel game will draw huge attention on different kinds of social medias and presses. We will also be introduced on trons weekly dapps report.

Our chief operation officer is a great key opinion leader in dapps circle, and she is also very influencial in ETH and EOS dapps. We are sure she can draw many players from other blockchains as well as from classic crypto.

6- Do you plan to keep adding new games in the future?

The platform has two parallel development paths, the main stream will be classic gambling games such as dice, slot, blackjack etc, launching every 2 weeks, that’s the TICK. While every other week there will be another interesting game such as pixel painting, Fomo, etc. That’s the TOCK. So there will be a game every week tick tocking!

7- Why do you think gambling dapps are so successful on TRON?

TRON is a very powerful blockchain that has a very high TPS and stability. Comparing to EOS, the account/wallet creation is much easier for mass adoption, which means a larger user base, Tron has now 700k account holders, which has exceeded the number of account holders on EOS.

Gambling needs blockchain to make it more transparent and fair. Also gambling is the most profitable business, that’s why it is always the first application on blockchain.

8- Do you have anything you want to say as a parting note to the TRON community?

We are so happy to be part of TRON dapps ecosystem! We want to provide best game experiences for tron holders as well as other crypto fans. Lets work together to make tron dapps more prosperous!

9- Where can people find you to ask questions?

You can join us in telegram:



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