Advanced Tips for Warhammer 40,000: Freeblade on iOS
Yishan Wong


Nice writeup. I gotta question for you. I did a cursory google lookup (which brought me to your post) but couldn’t find any relevant information but maybe you might know:

Is there any hidden benefit to armor ratings that is calculated into actual damage resistance?

For example, let’s consider two pieces of armor that I have:

  • one is rated at 192 (epic but I think that’s irrelevant) but carries +45 Strength and +16 Toughness attributes
  • the other rated at 266 (legendary)but only carries +21 Strength & +22 Toughness attributes

so on the surface, the overall 266 seems like it’d be more desirable but sacrificing 20+ points of strength (which influences damage) doesn’t seem like it’s worth the tradeup.

I think the 266-rated armor netted the legendary rating because it also came with an 8.0% shield recharge rate, which I think is only active after using a shield to block a blockable attack — sorry for the redundant phrasing there.

Let me know your thoughts tho — thanks!

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