Dude! Speed Up Your Hiring Process

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I belonged to a school of thought where contributing to open source is inconsequential, but it seems contributing to open source is now a prerequisite for software developers in landing projects and jobs, with lots of application that tends to check your repositories and rank you based on your number of pull request.

I heard HR now google names to know your contributions to developers community, what you tweet and blog about.😕

I could remember my job hunting process, perusing dozens of companies career’s web page in my niche and sending them resume, unfortunately non worked for me, even after sending a total of 60 applications, please don’t get me wrong here, those stuffs works, but it just didn’t work for me.😑

After reading soft skills by, John Sonmez I started contributing to open source . My first one landed me a job without much stress, I was actually teaching aspiring developers HTML,CSS and JS via whatsApp, although stressful, but my effort was rewarded by my students referring me to clients for projects.

Contributing to open source pay off and I’m still learning to improving daily, especially my github repo, I have few tips I can share that works for me

1. Fill a space : Don’t just contribute because they said you should, contribute because you want to fill a vacuum

2. Tweet about it : After pushing an awesome repo. Tweet about it, tell top active developers in your niche to help you RT

3. Target narrow audience

4. Blog about it:

Okay, lemme stop here, my drush.make file is done installing all dependencies

In summary

Fill a space

Tweet about it

Target your niche

Blog about it

Your turn

Tell me stuffs you did in landing your job, without stressing yourself spamming emails, will love to hear from you in the comment box below. 🙂