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September 30th 2013

When I saw the Timelinejs library ( I was immediately intrigued. I began to brainstorm some ideas that might work well but didn’t find anything in particular that stuck out. Over the weekend I decided to hack something together using the Youtube API.

Enter a Youtube username at @ and ‘Timelinify’ the experience.

Sometimes it’s confusing to figure out what the username of a Youtube account may be. I created a simple bookmarklet to automatically pull the username from a video page and timeline it. To use the bookmarklet, drag the “Youtube Timelinify” link at to your bookmarks, go to a Youtube video, and click the bookmark.


  • When using the bookmarklet, it will always bring you to the latest 25 videos of the user (in descending order).
  • Does not have robust username searching.


  • Codeigniter
  • Timelinejs library
  • jQuery
  • ZURB Foundation
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