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Part 1: Setting Up Tests in DAR.WIN

Don’t worry — we’re letting computers do this stuff automatically in this article. Photo by on

Introduction to Product Optimization

Webster’s Dictionary defines Product Optimization as… wait, no, it’s not in the dictionary yet. Product Optimization is a relatively new discipline as it relates to ecommerce, and so we’ll take liberty of quoting on the matter:

Production optimization is the practice of making changes or adjustments to…

(or, why I decided against selling Moon Lights)

Exactly how we want our shoppers to feel when they hit our shop. Photo by on

In brief: Dropshipping is about capitalizing on ecommerce trends. Finding trending products that work on your site with your inventory, brand and audience can be time-intensive and costly. Here’s a smarter approach to product optimization to make sure your time and money is going towards products your actual customers will…

Cross Sales and Product Recommendations with DARWIN

DARWIN is free to try, fast to launch, and full of outstanding features.

Editor’s Note: Ready to install DARWIN and want to skip the explanation? Scroll to the end of this article for the quick step-by-step illustrated in the animation above!

We mentioned in the opening of this series that three primary strengths are paramount for success in dropshipping: inventory, in-shop sales strategy…

Building a Well-Rounded Inventory with Oberlo

Now things are getting interesting!

If you’ve completed the parts of this series, your Shopify store should be up and ready for inventory (and if you spent a bit of time window-dressing, you may even have a theme and some custom styles to show for it). …

Creating a new store in Shopify

We’re on dropshipping essentials with Shopify + Oberlo + DARWIN with a quick overview on how to set up a Shopify store from scratch. If you already have a store installed and need to start loading in your inventory, .

Start your timers — this shouldn’t take more than 5 minutes or so.

Creating a new Shopify store

Our end…

Dropshippers Rejoice! Combine the industry’s easiest dropshipping inventory manager with a cutting edge Machine Learning Recommendation Engine for a new level of sales empowerment

Everything you need to run a dropshipping store on Shopify with DARWIN and Oberlo in one picture.


is an exciting, low-risk and low-barrier-to-entry way to get started with eCommerce, with a growing set of tools that make the tech and sales strategy easier for newcomers.

Three primary strengths make a great foundation for successful dropshipping:

  1. Inventory (and a fulfillment model)
  2. In-shop sales strategy to increase cart…

This could be you! THIS COULD BE YOU!

Note: The takeaway from this article is that you could probably install DAR.WIN on 5 Shopify stores in the time it takes to read this writeup, but we’re still happy you’re along for the ride with us

Getting started with DAR.WIN’s Machine Learning for Ecommerce platform is:

  • from an expertise…
We’re the little orange guy in the middle, just sitting there and making all your ecommerce dreams come true.

Searching for the phrase “Machine Learning Ecommerce” doesn’t do much for the average online store runner who actually wants to try machine learning out and learn the basics without being overwhelmed.


We're ! We use help online store owners of all skill levels find optimizations to sell more effectively using Machine Learning and AI. Let's connect!

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