Together We Can Make America Not Terrifying Again
Aaron Loeb

While you have made a small stride toward realizing that fascist actually means something other than “Person I disagree with,” you should actually look into the matter a bit more deeply. While Trump is a selfish narcissist, the one who is more like a fascist (in the historical sense which brought us Mussolini and the Third Reich) would be Hillary Clinton. Hell, the DNC was little more than a scaled down “Triumph of the Will.”

I have watched this country become more and more of a totalitarian police state — always for the most noble of reasons — since the 80s. The current presidency has embraced activities that were far beyond the worst that Reagan ever did, and we were comparing him to Hitler.

The problem with your argument is that, in a democracy, you are culpable for the actions of your representative. Every war we’ve been in, every civilian killed, every child murdered, every person assassinated by our government since Obama has been elected is the fault of every person who voted for Obama. You can’t just vote for the elements you like, you vote for the whole person.

Your argument essentially boils down to “Continued warfare, the dead children and other civilians, the assassinations, and the increasingly militarized police force are an acceptable price to pay in order for Trump to not be president.” I cannot agree.

As a former anarchist, I still value civil liberties (particularly the ones enshrined in the Bill of Rights) and not engaging in pointless wars — which pretty much covers every military engagement we’ve been in since WWII (though I accept that their may have been some arguable validity for Korea). Toppling regimes in repeated failures to force them to live lives like we think they should is anathema to me.

But hey, it is your vote. Cast it as you will, just don’t try to weasel out of the ramifications for your choice.

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