Group Coaching for the Final Phase of 2020

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This is a special offering of group-based coaching, guidance, learning, and exploration led by Dr. Dara Blumenthal.

It has been a wild, unprecedented, turbulent year so far and there is still a lot that we will go through before it is over. So many people are 1. in transition, 2. waking up to undeniable realities in their lives, and 3. …

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My friend shared this image on Instagram via @Good_Therapy who shared it via @wholeheartedschoolcounseling

Last week one of my therapist friends shared the above image on Instagram, which caught my attention. …

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Photo by Austin Ban on Unsplash

For the past few years, when it comes to doing any kind of work with teams and organizations, I’ve been increasingly drawn to the emergent and turned off by the planned and premeditated. To me, emergent potential is all about the possibility to disarm, reveal, become unapologetically candid, and fearlessly transparent. It is raw and alive. On the other hand, the premeditated feels like an outdated and outmoded clinging to a sense of control-based power that is strategic, transactional, dulling, and suffocating.

This has been an embodied experience for me. It has been a feeling of confusion and frustration in a meeting where I’m showing up with my consultant hat on with other people with their consultant hats on and we’re meeting a bunch of people with their chief-this and executive-that hats on. Throughout the conversation it feels like we’ve all been coated in layers upon layers of this invisible resin made up of our respective titles, the roles we play in our lives, the ways we ignore our suffering, disown our outrage, dull our courage, and wear the social conditioning we’ve endured. The resin is there to preserve all of this, keeping out the unpredictable and keeping in the personal, private, inner life. …


Dara Blumenthal, PhD

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