Why I switched to SiteGround for my blog hosting

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One fateful day about 3 years ago, I was playing on my favorite website — Pinterest — and came across a pin that said something like “How I made 2 trillion dollars with my blog.” Naturally, I was intrigued. I clicked through and read an article that changed my life.

This blogger was making money, lots of money, from writing about being a mom and using coupons. I had no idea that money could be made from a blog, or that anyone could just pop one up on the interwebs and call themselves a blogger.

Mind. Blown.

Disclosure: Some of the links are affiliate links, meaning (at no additional cost to you) I earn a small commission if you click through and make a purchase.

I started clicking on blogging pin after blogging pin and was probably like two hours deep when I found a “start a blog in 20 minutes” post. Jackpot. I followed those instructions step-by-step, and like sara but with a d was born.

One of those steps was to sign up for hosting with, you guessed it, Bluehost. I mentioned them a while back when I was discussing my blogging toolkit, and at that time, I was perfectly content with the hosting choice. I got the occasional email from the Jetpack app that my site went down for a minute or two, but I figured that just happened sometimes.

Then last summer I started to get a lot of those emails, like every day and sometimes even multiple times per day. Not only were they coming all the time, but the downtimes were also increasing as well. It went from 2 minutes at a pop to over half an hour!

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I got a little irritated. I mean I was paying them, and it wasn’t like they were refunding me for all that downtime!

I went back to Pinterest and started looking at “Why I quit using Bluehost” pins and guess what…Bluehost being down was not just my problem. It seems to happen a lot. I found a ton of posts from Bluehost bloggers that were jumping ship.

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So, when it was time to renew my hosting, I ditched Bluehost and switched to SiteGround. You guys, I was seriously scared that it would be so hard to switch my site over or that everything would just be gone, but it was really, really easy!

Seriously. Siteground does pretty much everything for you, and they walk you through the tiny bit you have to do yourself. Easy Peasy.

Best part? My site hasn’t been down one single minute since making the switch. Jetpack hasn’t made a peep.

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Do you have your own site? Who do you use for your web hosting?

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