One fateful day about 3 years ago, I was playing on my favorite website — Pinterest — and came across a pin that said something like “How I made 2 trillion dollars with my blog.” Naturally, I was intrigued. I clicked through and read an article that changed my life.

Woman holding a remote and eating popcorn

Staying in and watching great movies all night is something everyone can enjoy. Rewatching some of the much-loved masterpieces of the 90s is an instant mood-booster in these trying times.

Grab your popcorn (or a glass of wine) and enjoy these four pick-me-up classics that you can stream online.

Romeo & Juliet


A hand holding a remote with the Netflix screen showing on the TV
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Hopefully, everyone that isn’t an essential worker is staying home and following the social distancing guidelines. Being a good citizen has never been so easy, right?

But it does leave a lot of free time on your hands. Even if you are working from home, you are likely still cutting…

I let my kids choose paint colors for their bedrooms when we first moved into our house, and my daughter chose this…

An antique typewriter and small stack of leather bound books
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Skillful and purposeful blogging has numerous advantages from increased consumer engagement to revenue growth. It is a fantastic tool for successful marketing: blogging maintains SEO and drives traffic, promotes your website on social media, and expands your brand.

But in a digital landscape saturated with thousands of blogs, how do…

Your ad campaigns are a meth.

South Dakota is in the midst of a meth epidemic, and Governor Kristi Noem wants to do something about it.

In an attempt to bring awareness to the issue, Noem launched an ambitious campaign with these new ads that have left a lot of…

I get really weird every single time.

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There may have been a time when I was good with getting a compliment and reacted like a normal person. I imagine I would have been delighted in my toddlerhood to have someone praise my coloring. …

When you actually do care about life

Photo by Maria Oswalt on Unsplash

I was having coffee with a good friend the other day, and while we were catching up about our lives, she mentioned that she recently went to the local Planned Parenthood for her annual checkup and birth control renewal.

She went on to…

I give myself two days — a week tops.

Close up of a rotting zombie face, teeth are exposed

Since the opening of Zombieland 2, I have had zombies on my brain (pun intended!) …

Yeah, your fav is probably in here.

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Do a quick Google search for the most romantic moments in cinema, and you will find a few movies that make the lists over and over again. While some of them are completely cutesy, a few are downright creepy.

Consider the following moments…

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