Every day brings a struggle to preserve the light in my children’s eyes from a growing awareness that dims it

3 young Black children seen from behind, looking out the window at grass and a road.

Like a mother bird tending her chicks in spring, I have largely occupied myself during the Covid-19 pandemic with caring for my three small children. I am thankful my husband can work from home as I write freelance and manage the kids’ homeschooling. We began to notice the birds trilling…

Despite painful losses, she clung to her chosen family to stay focused on the future

This story is part of Know Their Names, a collection of articles illuminating and celebrating the lives of Black Trans women.

AtAt first, Chynal Lindsey was apprehensive about finding her birth family. “What if they don’t like me?” Hilliary Calhoun, a childhood friend, recalls Chynal saying. But anyone who…

Hairstylists have found a new way to market their businesses, but it has come at a price

OnOn any given Saturday, you will find Black women busy ministering to each other, congregating in spaces akin to church. We do not leave the same way we came in. Standing beside bowls of water to baptize weary heads, dipping into fragrant oil to anoint our temples, Black beauticians offer…

Dara T. Mathis

Dara T. Mathis is a parenting writer who is interested in the intersection of parenthood with race and gender. But mostly, she loves a good story.

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