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Laxmi who is 32 years old once lived with her kids in a poor village which is otherwise rich in culture, in a bamboo house in the costal edge of Assam. Her husband died due to illness two years back.

It was a dark night with a shining lamp in her house, with tear drop eyes laxmi fall asleep. The darkness got deeper in her thoughts while she was asleep. The shining light got bigger with the thunderstorm’s. The tear drop’s got flowing outside. It was a CLOUD BURST! She understood Its time to pack the bags of clothes and hopes to a safer place or else the costal edge would shatter her family. She cried and she moved from village side to town with her children to a way in search of beacon of light to her family.

There was no man to hold the Umbrella of hope for Laxmi’s family in the struggle of survival. With great difficulty she reachd the town with her children. Lied down on the footpath of the so called town. Children are hungry, they haven’t eaten since the night.

Laxmi began to search for daily work to earn money for food. Everything and everyone was new to her. She and children were fatigue. At the end of the road, she saw a construction of a building going on. The supervisor was Nazeer. Laxmi requested work by holding her son raju. Nazeer asked her what work you will do? Laxmi answered only half, she doesn’t have more strength to answer. Nazeer understood the suffering of her pain. He started enquiring about her details. Upon hearing and seeing the plight of Laxmi’s situation, Nazeer allowed her to work. But at first he brought food to her & children. Meanwhile Laxmi can see the charm on the face of the raju in the darkness of her struggle while Nazeer brought the food.

The story of laxmi reminds me the words of Nietzsche – “He who has a why to live for can bear almost any how”

So, what’s Missing? A man to help her? A helping hand from society? The government? A combination of three? I leave it you to answer yourself.

The displacement of families is plaguing the society since many years. It could be due to many issues like the floods in the case of Laxmi or take the example of migrant issue during the covid lockdown. The constitution specifically gives a direction to make policies to deter it.

Article 39. The State shall, in particular, direct its policy towards securing –

The citizens, men and women equally, have the right to an adequate means of livelihood;

Onus is explicit. Its time to Do!

Did you wonder why Nazeer helped Laxmi instantly? It’s Because Nazeer was also a victim of displacement earlier., who was given a helping hand from a person named Cyril.

Displacement is an open wound even today, resisting cure or closure for the survivors.

(Fictional Story)




Trying to be a polymath.

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Trying to be a polymath.

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