I’ll always Feel the Bern but it’s time to stand with her
Kimberly Harrington

I find every attempt to bring Sanders to Clinton side ignore the fact that for many she is the greater evil not Trump. The things she accuses Trump of possibly doing, she has already done.

She voted for a wall. She supported deporting women & children. She has blood on her hands for her aggressive interventionist policies she pushed in Libya, Syria and Honduras.

She destroyed Haiti.

She cautions us about Trump having nuclear codes when she appointed a completely unqualified Clinton Foundation donor & stock exchange trader to a Nuclear Advisory Intel Board (who is also one of our current superdelegates btw).

She jeopardized our national security for years with her hackable SAP server and drone-strike sanctioning BlackBerry. Jeffrey Sterling is in jail for violating the Espionage Act based on less evidence that there is against Clinton (evidence against Sterling was never presented in court & he wasn’t allowed to testify on his behalf because both would reveal classified info). If Clinton is given special treatment by the FBI & DOJ, it shows her and the Democratic Party believe “some are more equal than others.”

Beyond all that she threatens the Democratic Party’s ability to beat Trump. The drip drip drip of her FBI Investigation, her political allies & Clinton Foundation board members FBI Investigations, the final Benghazi report is due this month, Clinton Cash: the film comes out in July, ?!?!??????? I could go on.

I get it, Trump is Hitler. Tell me this, why are we putting our nation’s most unfavorable & untrustworthy candidate up against Hitler? Why are we putting our nation’s first nominee under FBI Investigation up against Hitler? If Hitler is so bad, why is the Democratic Party’s weakest candidate ever going up against him? If she is the nominee, she simply threatens our ability to beat Hitler.

I get that Trump is a threat. But I don’t get why Clinton isn’t seen as the greater threat.

Obama could barely get anything done because of Republicans blocking him in Congress. Trump is hated by Dems & half his party. Clinton is supported by Dems. Faced with 2 dangerous candidates, I’d rather the one least likely to succeed at being president to be in office.

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