Fighting is For Boys, Friendship is For Girls…
Joanna Smith

I’ve always been offended by the use of stereotypical typical gender identities. My gender is female, I identify as female but I don’t relate to “girly” things. I’m what the older generation would call a tomboy. When I was 5, I cut off all my hair, stopped wearing dresses and started playing sports with the boys.

Since then, I have been consistently offended by anyone who assumes that I would/should be “girly” just because I have a vagina.

I think in this day in age, its become clear that gender identity and a person’s expression of their identity is fluid & diverse, no longer fitting into the confining definitions once used.

The Clinton’s campaigns use of stereotypical gender identity shows a lack of understanding of the younger generation’s views of gender. I’m curious if this is part of the reason why she hasn’t been able to connect with younger voters. She’s been campaigning with her “woman card” but my “woman card” doesn’t look like hers.

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